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‘1 Angry Black Man’ Picked up by Byron Allen’s Freestyle Media

‘1 Angry Black Man’ Picked up by Byron Allen’s Freestyle Media

1 Angry Black Man

As we in America seek knowledge, understanding, and answers around the racial tensions in communities, sparked from the horrible killing of George Floyd and others who came before him the timely release of 1 Angry Black Man is available.

Soulidifly Productions, a film company with a mission to produce meaningful, uplifting stories that are entertaining and beautifully told, has partnered with Freestyle Digital Media to release 1 Angry Black Man, available to audiences everywhere on DVD and on-demand starting June 5, 2020.

Written and directed by Menelek Lumumba and co-produced by Soulidifly Productions and Align Pictures, 1 Angry Black Man tells the story of Mike Anderson, a senior at a New England liberal arts college. After an erroneous arrest for a crime he did not commit, Mike’s story transitions to an existential conversation about gender dynamics, racism, and class, as well as an empirical study of the works of four iconic Black intellectuals. As he heads to his African-American literature class, Mike continues to grapple with his unconscionable arrest. Mike’s emotions threaten to boil over during a class discussion covering several prolific authors and activists, from James Baldwin to Zora Neale Hurston.

BGN reviewed 1 Angry Black Man during Urbanworld in Sept of 2018. If you want to see our thoughts on the film, read them here.

The link to the trailer is here.

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