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10 Things about Our Favorite ‘American Gods’ Characters

10 Things about Our Favorite ‘American Gods’ Characters

by Alisha Street

Ricky Whittle is, in his own words “Not a broody moody person at all!” This and other facts were revealed when a few members of the cast decided to grace #DragonCon2018 with their presence. The four-day panel spread that was filled with the cast’s authentic completely abstract personalities from their character counterparts. Ricky Whittle, Bruce Langley, and Demore Barnes all relayed their true reactions and responses to questions from both and the fans.

“Tech Boy” Bruce Langley

  1. When asked what was most appealing about his role as Tech Boy he answered, “the idea of being able to play with a brain that is partly artificial and virtually connected to all of the information on the internet, and literally processes information faster than anything else in existence”.
  1. Langley loves Greek mythology and fell in love with stories similar to American Gods long before he took the role as Tech Boy.
  1. He as hinted about bringing on the real-life inspiration for Tech Boy, Trevor S. Veil, to season three.

 “Mr. Ivis” Demore Barnes

  1. Barnes is Canadian. Actually, the majority of season one was shot in Ontario, Canada and other provinces in Canada. That explains much of the great scenery featured in the show.
  2. Barnes loves Ellen Degeneres! Says that if there were a god cast as Beauty it should be Ellen!

Ricky Whittle, “Shadow Moon”

  1. Taps his own personal history for dark materials. He tells the panel audience, “I am not a broody moody person at all,” when asked about his relation to his character on screen Shadow Moon. However, Whittle does say that he references dark periods in his own life to bring his character Shadow Moon to life.
  2. Whittle had to spend real time on death row–in prison—for Shadow Moon’s scenes in prison. He says that the men there were dead behind the eyes and
  3. Whittle doesn’t drink. Whittle was asked who he would most like getting a drink with after a day on the set. He says that he’s popular with everyone on set as the designated driver because he doesn’t drink!
  4. Ricky Whittle is an advanced impressionist. Throughout this panel, Whittle was constantly playing with various impressions, including ones of the character Czernobog played by cast member Peter Stormare, “God of darkness and evil.” Alongside his co-stars Barnes and Langley who are also phenomenal impressionists.
  5. As all of my fellow Whittle fans know, Ricky is British, but he usually plays characters with American accents (which he has mastered). He also demonstrates a great Australian accent. He will be playing British in Nappily Ever After starring Sanaa Lathan.
The Cast of 'Riches' on Exploring the American and British Black Diaspora

On top of being hands down the most hilarious special guest at Dragon Con, Whittle was also the friendliest. He literally sat on a fan’s lap during his panel appearance. Whittle also sat in the audience with the fans and took selfies with the audience. These things and others were part of the fun of the American Gods panel for the audience.

American Gods season three premieres in 2019

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