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The 100: A Bedtime Story

The 100: A Bedtime Story

As SDCC nerd rages through the week, make sure you check out BGN’s coverage, but for those of us stranded in our lives away from Nerdvana, there are still plenty of treats to enjoy.

This sizzle reel should get an award for distilling the salient points of the series by marrying the perfect images with a dreamy fairy tale voiceover.

When the show comes back, the delinquents will be legitimately grown ass people so the feel should be quite different. I had to smirk at the “kids rule grown-ups drool” messaging these first four seasons have had, ah the conventions of a YA series.



Personally, I’m excited about the time jump because of all the cool stories they can tell in these new circumstances. According to TV Line, I’m not the only one. Eliza Taylor (Clark Griffin) told the SDCC crowd, “It’s nice to be playing someone a little closer to my age. It’ll be exciting to see her as a 24-year-old woman who’s been through so much, and is now taking on this maternal role.”

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