A lot of us have been saying it for years now: Hermione is black. Bushy hair, buck teeth, and Britishness aren’t exclusive to white people, so why the hell couldn’t Hermione be a woman of color?

J.K. Rowling agrees. Not enough to have cast a non-white girl in the films back when such a move really could have made an impact, but I digress. The Guardian reports that English actress Noma Dumezweni has been cast in the role of Hermione in the much anticipated stage play, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. (I can only assume the play itself is about Albus Severus as he tries to live a normal life despite his shitty name.)

It’s a vindicating turn of events for many fans, who have been fancasting Hermione as everything from black to East Asian ever since we collectively realized that she was never really specified as being white.




Hermione is black

As a bookish black girl with buck teeth, it would have been awesome to see a Hermione who looked like me – not that I’m as hot as Antonia Thomas, but let a bitch dream, please. (Awesome photo set by tumblr user lestatthewolfkiller)

But. But. Buuuutttt. I can’t just get too pumped about this. Because while I love that J.K. is making this move in support of diversity and representation and rainbows, why does it always have to be after the fact?

Give me a black Hermione in all seven movies. Give me a black Hermione to grow up reading about. Give me a black Hermione when it isn’t in fashion to do so.

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When it comes to mainstream representation, POC are expected to be happy when progress is made at a snail’s pace, but I know I’m not the only one sick of applauding people for basic things.




Hermione is black

Congratulations for acknowledging that non-white people exist too! We live in a world where you never, ever have to, so here’s a cookie for being not-a-shit stain.

That being said, I can only guess that now that J.K. knows better, she’s doing better, and I can’t ever fault someone for that. But when it comes time to cast the inevitable TV series reboot in a decade or so, I’ma be watching you real close, Joanne.