We start this week’s episode of Teen Wolf with a glimpse into the life of Hellhound Parrish. He asks the Scott pack to keep an eye on him and see where he goes on his nighttime journeys. And the gang’s all back!

Scott, Liam, Stiles and Chris Argent follow Hellhound Parrish to the high school and notice a trail of mangled bodies leading to a school bus filled with more mangled bodies. Looks like someone is killing off more of the Beacon Hills teenage population – it’s the Beast.

But in comes Hellhound Parrish and now we know why he’s been walking around all flame-y at night. He’s pursuing the Beast.

Here we go with another teenage sexy moment with Scott and Kira. I mean, these kids get it in like adults. They wake up together and everything. *side eye*

But it is nice to see Scira back together.

I like this Mason/Corey combo. They’re cute together. And Mason is getting his Stiles, Jr. on in this episode by figuring out what draws the Beast to certain areas – radio signals. What do you know? There’s a big charity lacrosse game coming up that will draw a big crowd and lots of local media coverage. Sounds like a place that would attract the Beast.

The pack decides to get the game cancelled after a meeting in the library. On the way out, Lydia finds a badly injured Parrish.  It looks like the Beast bested him the night before. It’s not looking good for Beacon Hills.

Lydia in the Library

Scott and Stiles go to Stepping Stones Rehab Facility to ask Coach Finstock to forfeit the game. He’s been holed up there since Season 4. It’s completely understandable. But now he’s back and the pack needs him. He’s never been one to actually do what is asked of him so this should be interesting.

Lydia takes Parrish to Chris and Gerard to figure out what happened with his tussle with the Beast. It looks like the Dread Doctors are pushing the Beast (and the teenager that turns into it) to remember the man that was the original Beast of Gévaudan.

Scott’s healed! Thanks to Kira’s direct experience with his unclothed body we learn that Scott is fully healed and back to his wolf-y self. Great, because Coach Finstock has proven to be the same unyielding guy he’s always been. No game forfeit tonight! It’s time for the Beacon Hills lacrosse team to square off against the highly skilled team of Devenford Prep.

Scott and Kira lacrosse

While the game is happening, Mason and Corey are searching the Devenford prep bus for that infamous size 10, bloody shoe, Malia is tearing up the wires transmitting to the news vans and Kira has gone all foxy (and not in a sexy way) on everyone.

It’s time to chat with the hellhound!

Parrish’s connection to Lydia makes it possible for her to talk to the hellhound. We learn that Jordan Parrish actually died that day in the war when the hellhound appeared, which happened to be the same day that Scott, Allison and Stiles “died” in Season 3 to save their parents from the darach.

It’s clear that something is wrong with Kira as she pulverizes members of the Devenford team until she’s thrown out of the game. A random fight scene ensues in the girl’s locker room. Ahhh, doesn’t it just take you back to the fond memories of high school?

The challenges continue to roll in as Malia’s mother, the Desert Wolf, shows up to foil her part of the plan. In the process she realizes that Stiles may be Malia’s Achilles heel. Not good.

At least Mason and Corey are making progress on their hunt for the shoe. Well they’re making progress at not finding anything, but at least they’re not being hindered from their search. But something is definitely up with Corey. I’m sure this will show up in a future episode in some way. Stay tuned.

Scott runs in and interrupts Kira’s fight situation. He takes a small beating and is face to face with the fox before Kira comes back. Clearly she still needs help controlling it. But she seems to be back to normal for now.

Hayden joins the Scott pack! I’m sure that’s not going to go over well with Theo, but for now let’s enjoy the cuteness of her and Liam. Plus, she obviously inspires him to keep the game going into overtime. Unfortunately the extended game causes a transmission from the media trucks and the Beast arrives.

It runs into the school chasing a group of students and now we know that ish just got real.

the maid of gevaudanNext episode: We see the return of Allison Argent, but now she’s the Maid of Gévaudan who may be able to save Beacon Hills from the Beast. She was pretty dope with an arrow before. I’m sure she’ll be awesome again. This should be very, very interesting for the Scott pack, especially Scott.


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