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18 Awkward Moments in “Legends of Tomorrow” 3×13

18 Awkward Moments in “Legends of Tomorrow” 3×13

Things in this episode of Legends of Tomorrow got real awkward in several places as Damien, Nora, and Ray traveled back to 1962 for the recipe to cold fusion. I cringed so much that I made up this list of the number of times that Legends of Tomorrow got real awkward. I mean like cringeworthy-it-sucks-to-be-that-guy/gal awkward.

  1. Ava’s “morning after” glow went quickly to a blush as first Zari and then the rest of the team discovered that she was there early as hell—and in the same clothes she had on yesterday. Sara’s been a bad girl.
  2. Zari tried and failed to roll back her suggestion to visit a volcano eruption after seeing Ava there. Taking the ship on personal trips is illegal, but the Legends do it all the time. She probably could have made up a better lie if Ava’s morning afterglow was throwing poor Zari off her game.
  3. Nobody noticed Ray was gone!!!
  4. Ray’s pleas to Kuasa who was going to torture him. He sounded pathetic, why did they have to do that to the poor guy?
  5. Damien has a piece of the fire totem. This is both awkward and terrifying. You have to think, what happened to the person wearing the totem? Does somebody need medical treatment? Should they send a ship? Why is no one else asking any questions about this???
  6. Wally and Rip walk in. Everybody is all, “Sup, Wally?” but wanting to throttle Rip.
  7. Wally speed steals the Grateful Dead glasses that Rory stole from the rocker, Jerry Garcia. Nate has to tell him that lite theft is allowed on the ship. He then has to walk over and return the glasses to one pissed off Rory.
  8. Nora talking about how her totem doesn’t work and Kuasa going all, “Cuz it’s my gramma’s totem and she still gots powers over it.” I know Nora wanted to say something back, but Kuasa could drown her or something, so she just stayed quiet.
  9. Damian Darhk discovers that he has to travel back to 1960s. That blonde bowl cut was so awkward. Nothing screams “I am a grown ass man and my momma still cut my hair” like that cut.
  10. Ray is chiming in and trying to play counselor to Nora and Damien. They are too evil to care. They both would rather choke Ray out instead of sitting and talking about their father/daughter problems.
  11. When Wally tells Amaya that he met Nate after Nates, “Basic bitch of a girlfriend dumped him on his birthday.” Amaya responds, “I’m the basic bitch and tries to move them along.
  12. Ray trying to leave Berlin with Nora, and he really IS bad at lying.
  13. Nora and Damien have a fight like dads do with their teens. Ray tries to step in again.
  14. Damien lets Ray counsel him, but only as Ray is being crushed by Damien’s magic.
  15. Grodd kills the Director just as he orders Ava to forget about fixing the time cracks and to bring in Rip. Ava is the new director of line.
  16. Nate helps Ray realize that he is in love with the crazy, “hot” girl. A girl who has a demon inside her and tried to kill him.
  17. Rip approves of Ava and Sara’s relationship but then tells Gideon to get rid of a file about ava. What the hell?
  18. Damien has a daddy moment complete with cocoa and smiles from his daughter. They are interrupted as Mallus tries to break out of Nora.

This episode had more than its share of cringe-worthy moments tucked into our ongoing story. The totem drama, time tears, and romances in limbo are all things we need to wait until next week for.

Do you have anything to add to this list?

Jonita Davis loves, reads, studies, and writes about comics, books, TV, culture, and more. You can usually find her in a corner somewhere, dragging a pen across paper in an effort to make sense of the world. 

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