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24: Legacy Episode 11, 10:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

24: Legacy Episode 11, 10:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

By Carolyn Hinds

Please heed the content warning that appears in the middle of this recap.

We’re almost at the half way mark of our first ‘day’ in the new 24 universe, and once again this shows proves why it’s worth watching. Though this episode wasn’t filled with much action, there was a lot of character development and new information that pushes the plot along. More screen time was given to more characters than in previous episodes.

Following Rebecca being taken, John goes to Eric blaming him for going along with Rebecca’s plan and her being taken by Naseri and Bin-Khalid. Mind you, if John had allowed her and Tony to finish questioning Henry, they would’ve probably learned that Bin-Khalid was alive thus preventing the chain of events that led to this. So really ALL of this is John’s fault, so he needs to take a seat and keep his opinions to himself.

For the first time since this season of 24 started, all of the major players are on the same page. Keith has realized that in order to save Rebecca, he can no longer play by the rules, and steps up to run interference for Andy when Simms, the Director of National Intelligence, sends his lackey Daniel Pang to the CTU to find and remove Andy.

After some hi-tech digging, Andy discovers that Naseri had a daughter named Ara, who was used as leverage against him, by the CTU to force Naseri to turn against Bin-Khalid. But when he didn’t do that, they told him that she was killed. Now, how the heck did they think that plan was going to turn out? A man who thinks he has lost his only child and knows who did it, will want revenge.

Andy calls Eric and tells him what Sims did with Naseri, and there may be a way to use Sims to get Rebecca through Naseri. They make a plan for Eric to gain entry into the Pentagon, by posing as John’s driver. Just before they arrive, Sims views a video feed showing a young girl sitting alone in a room. Its Ara. He calls Tony and instructs him on a clean-up job to get rid of ‘three items’. Back at the CTU, Andy and Mariana work hurriedly to create a path for Eric to gain access to the pentagon, and in order to buy them time, Keith steps up and confronts Daniel in his office. When his diversionary tactics, fail, Keith proceeds to place Daniel in a choke hold until he passes out. I know Keith was feeling the pressure, but I did not expect him to go so far as to knock someone out in his office. That was bold and possibly extremely foolish, but hey you do what you gotta do.

TW: Attempted Suicide

The biggest emotional moment in this episode happened between Rebecca and Naseri. Rebecca, who is laying on the floor of the same van John, Nicole and Isaac were held captive in, finds a piece of glass. At first I thought Rebecca was going to cut the tape binding her hands, and I wondered exactly how she was going to get away with Naseri and Bin-Kahlief staying so close to her. But the camera began to get closer to Rebecca’s face, focusing on her eyes, and I realized she wasn’t going to cut the tape, but her wrists. Rebecca decided that instead of being killed and used as a propaganda prop, she would rather kill herself and take the satisfaction away from Naseri. Now, I must give props to Miranda Otto for her performance in this episode; without speaking one word, she was able to convey so much with just her eyes. There was both determination and sadness evident in her eyes, and honestly, I got a little bit in my emotions.

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After reviving Rebecca, Naseri tells her that she took the coward’s way out because she had no reason do take her life. She doesn’t get to take the easy way out because she never had a child and lost them. Her hope, her meaning for life, wasn’t murdered. Though Rebecca may not be fully aware of what is happening, the audience now understands what Naseri’s motivation is. He’s a man without hope and a purpose for life, has lost his compassion and has become extremely dangerous.

At the Pentagon, Eric and John enter Simm’s office, hold him at gunpoint and demand he tells them what he knows. Eric and Andy find a digital trail of intercepted messages between Naseri and Ara. It is revealed that Naseri only learned of her “death” a year ago. Eric leaves to rescue Ara. Sims taunts John by placing the blame on Rebecca, to which John responded by calling him a liar and knocking him out with the butt of his gun.

My musings on this episode

  1. Rebecca attempting suicide reminded me of those extremely impactful moments, in the finale of The Walking Dead, where Sonequa Martin-Green gave a brilliant performance in the moments leading up to Sasha’s death, which by the way I am still not over two weeks later.
  2. We finally have everyone acting as a team, knowing what each person is doing, and I think that’s great, but I still don’t trust Mariana,
  3. Eric said he trusted Andy and remembering this is a 24, a franchise whose motto is “trust no one”, I’m beginning to have doubts about him too.

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