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’24: Legacy’ Speeds the Clock Ahead in What’s Hopefully Not its Last Hour

’24: Legacy’ Speeds the Clock Ahead in What’s Hopefully Not its Last Hour

Ok, I’ll be upfront this review is a bit long, but it’s the final episode of this season of 24: Legacy, so I felt it deserved a bit more details this time. As usual, the show always started with the countdown clock, but this time instead of it just being an hour counted, it was a total of 13 hours. I realised there was going to be a time jump, which led me to believe that something significant was going to occur — and it did.

We begin the final hours of where we left off, Eric trapped in the house Naseri’s daughter was being held captive in, with Tony and Amira taking out Ara’s guards. Eventually Tony literally blasts his way in and the moment I’ve been waiting for this whole season happened. Tony and Eric finally came face to face and fist to fist, and I must say the fight was exactly what I wanted. It was a very well choreographed and acted fight scene, there was nothing super stylish about it, it was just two men doing hand to hand combat.

Eric ends up breaking Tony’s arm, but as he’s about to deliver another blow Amira fires off a warning shot, Tony tells Eric all he wants is the package and Eric can walk away. Realising Eric won’t give up, Amira prepares to shoot him, and as she is literally about to pull the trigger, John calls Tony. He tells him that letting Eric leave with Ara is the only chance they have to save Rebecca, the phone cuts out, Tony asks Eric who he is for confirmation, then lets him leave.

As everyone at the CTU and people all around the world watch the live-feed of Bin-Khalid, promising to kill Rebecca for murdering his son, Andrew connects Eric to Naseri, and he informs him that Ara is alive, if Naseri helps Rebecca get away from Bin-Kahlid, the Eric will make sure she is taken to safety at the Jordanian Embassy, as proof of what he is saying, they connect the call to Ara, and she tells Naseri she’s safe. Now at this moment, I just knew something was going to go wrong, there was no way this plan would work. As we’ve seen from the beginning, none of Eric’s plans have gone as planned, someone always messes it up, the question is who would it be this time.

As everyone watches with bated breath, Naseri puts his knife to Rebecca’s throat, but after a moment of extreme tension — and me literally sitting on the edge of my seat — Naseri suddenly turns away, stabs one captor, shoots two others and throws the camera to the ground, after telling Eric they have to finish their conversation. Naseri sits Rebecca down and asks why she didn’t tell him about Ara, who is she willing to die rather than admit to her country’s crimes. I was blown away, because Rebecca confessed that holding Ara was her doing. I was shocked because I honestly thought Sims was lying to John. But once again this proved that when it comes to 24 you can’t trust ANYONE, and boy did Rebecca have me fooled.

John is still at the pentagon holding Sims at gunpoint, after being informed of the plan for Eric to kill Naseri and Bin-Kahlid. After the exchange, Sims taunts John by telling him that Rebecca will have to face her crimes because by law she would be considered a war criminal. As Keith arrives Ara by helicopter at the embassy, Eric arrives to meet Naseri to collect Rebecca, the camera pans to a gun lying by the body of one of the terrorists, and its revealed that its Bin-Kahlid that will mess up Eric’s plans this time.

I knew this exchange wasn’t going to go well. Naseri is looking at Ara on his phone, she tells him she’s safe, Naseri begins to walk Rebecca towards Eric, and a Naseri gets shot, Bin-Kahlid standing behind him, aims at Eric but Rebecca throws herself in front of him and is hit. This scene did me in, not because of Rebecca, but because after not seeing her father for years, after being held captive, Ara watches her father die before her eyes, and that is devastating. Eric manages to shoot Bin-Kahlid, and Rebecca lays on the ground calling for John 🙁

Left to his thoughts on his part in holding Ara captive, Sims looks at this family photos and pulls out his gun. At the hospital, Eric tells John that Rebecca took the bullet for him, and the only thing she could think about in the ambulance was John, she kept calling his name, the background music stops, we hear the constant beep of a flat line, the screen fades to black with the time paused. Now apparently in the 24-universe, when the clock counts down without the ticking sound that means a major character has died. I didn’t know this, so for me, it was very eerie. The episode opens back up with sunrise over the National Monument (beautiful shot by the way) and the time has gone forward 12 hours.

John is sitting by Rebecca’s body, holding her hand. Nilaa comes in and says Henry is there to see him. He walks in and I lose my cool because this man had the unmitigated gall to say he doesn’t understand how all of this happened: the death of the soldiers, the people who died on the bridge and not Rebecca, that his first lie keeps leading to bigger lies. Throughout this whole entire scene I was giving Henry and John side eye, because John let his father get away with all of this tragedy, Henry did all of this for greed pure and simple, he claimed it was because he wants John to become President, but no it was because he wanted the prestige that came with that for himself. John gets a call that the FBI wants to speak to him, and this man walked out allowing his father to stay in the same room with Rebecca’s body. Now John how the heck are you going to leave the man whose actions lead to Rebecca’s death stand vigil over her body, shedding crocodile tears? The disrespect.

The FBI agent informs John of Sims’s suicide, John tells Nilaa he isn’t dropping out of the race for President, and I am officially done with him. Back at CTU Andy discusses the funeral arrangements for Rebecca and decides he’s going to finally take his much-deserved vacation. Nicole arrives, and my boos hug it out. When Eric asks where Isaac is, my girl gets a weird look on her face. Her response that he’s at home seemed super sketchy to me. Eric tells her he wants to stay with the CTU because it’s where he belongs and can do good, she agrees as long as they don’t keep any more secrets from each other anymore. The last shot of the season is Nicole with this weird look on her face, and I can’t decide if its one of uncertainty or guilt.

At the end, it really hit me that all of this drama has occurred in one whole day. Eric woke up with Nicole thinking his day was going to be just an ordinary day, he never expected to get a call from his former comrade, that he would be embroiled in a bringing down a terror cell, save hundreds of thousands of lives, have a major fight with his wife, get blown up, shot at, beat up, rescue a little girl and see his former boss and friend die. Once again all the props must be given to Corey Hawkins, he has done an amazing job with his first role as the lead in a major network television series, especially one that has as large a fan base as the 24 franchise.

My musings on this episode

  1. Can’t Oded Fehr just live. This man is too fine to keep dying in shows. I need him to get his own so he can stay alive and forever fine.
  2. John is a weak-willed fool, after going through with his Henry’s plans, I declare dishonor on him and his whole family, and the cow if they have one too.
  3. I’m really hoping that Nicole and Isaac didn’t get up to any shenanigans while Eric was out there dodging bullets and trying not to get blown up.
  4. I still don’t trust Mariana.

Carolyn Hinds: “I’m a Barbadian living in Toronto, Canada, I’m a nerd who spends time coming up with plot theories for TV shows, and avid fan of Jane Austin, my favourite shows are The Walking Dead, The Expanse and blackish. I’m an avid reader and will do karaoke anytime anywhere.”

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  • – Excellent review for what I thought was a solid season finale.
    – Yes, I would love for Oded Fehr to NOT DIE AT THE END. I’m sure he gets a solid DIES AT THE END bonus in his contracts, though.
    – Rebecca’s “silent clock” was a fist-pump moment for this old 24 fan.
    – No, I can’t believe that Henry is going to get away with his lies, but maybe he’ll get his comeuppance in another season?
    – Can’t help but feel that a Jack Bauer (or Chloe) cameo would have closed things out nicely.

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