10982942_351281005063065_1411089036202149054_nCosplay Name:   Charlie Rocket Cosplay

Link to your Cosplay Page/Photography Website: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Charrocket/


Twitter: @CharlieXRocket

Instagram: @CharlieRocketCosplay

How long have you been cosplaying or photographing cosplayers?

A year and a half

Do you remember the moment that inspired you to start cosplaying/photographing cosplayers?

A while ago I was having a rough time. I was working full time at a job I didn’t like on top of doing my everyday mom duties. I felt like I was slowly losing who I am. My now husband had the great idea that I should cosplay. So from that day forward, I started working on and documenting cosplay progress as I started making costumes from scratch for the first time ever! I had never used a sewing machine or done anything related to this, so I wanted to make sure I was helping those who were starting out just like me.


What has been the highlight of your cosplay experience so far?

I love feeling as though I’ve made a difference to someone. People often come up to me after panels and say I have inspired them to cosplay. I hear a lot that people don’t feel they’re the right body type, the right skin color or don’t have enough experience to start cosplaying. I am truly happy when I can change someone’s mind and bring them into the cosplay community.



What are some lessons that you’ve learned that you would like to pass on to up and coming cosplayers of color?

I have learned that cosplay is about you. Do not let others determine the worth of your work and efforts. You are just as amazing as anyone else is! There will be times that photographers do not shoot your costume as often. There are times someone will call you the black “insert character name here.” Let those comments and events roll off your back. Know that you are not alone and we are united!


Any links to past/upcoming projects or a portfolio you’d like to share?

I was a featured cosplayer for The Variant in January: http://www.the-variant.com/#!charlie-rocket-gallery/h2vr9


Since this series does revolve around being a cosplayer of color, what are 5 of your favorite characters of color? 1. Catwoman played by Eartha Kitt- She may not have been catwoman long, but it was purrrfect!

  1. Yoruichi from Bleach- Strong, sexy and a smart mouth! I love it!!!
  2. Storm from X men- One of the strongest women in comic book history!
  3. Black Panther from Marvel comics- Underrated! Tony Stark’s brains topped off with Vibranium               claws…people should be looking out for him!
  4. Alana from Saga- My new favorite comic book! A strong female character who doesn’t hold back! And she’s a mom! What’s not to love! She is my inspiration.


What does #29DaysOfBlackCosplay mean to you?

#29DaysOfBlackCosplay has been a big hit this year and last year! I am so happy that we are able to recognize amazing cosplayers of color when we may not receive as much publicity otherwise. I am really proud of my work and I am glad that people are becoming more aware of POC cosplayers. This has become a huge platform for us and I hope it becomes the norm to recognize black cosplay more throughout the year.


Last notes or information you’d like to include:

You can catch me this year at Oak City Comicon in Raleigh, NC, Animazement, and NC Comic Con! More will be announced on my social media throughout the year!


#29DaysofBlackCosplay created by Chaka Cumberbatch, is an annual social media event during Black History Month celebrating Black excellence in the cosplay community.   Follow the hashtag throughout the month for photos, stories, updates and info about cosplayers making a significant impact within this subculture.