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3% Is Returning to Netflix For Its Sophomore Season Next Month

3% Is Returning to Netflix For Its Sophomore Season Next Month

I wrote about 3% 1 year ago and I am still as excited now as I was then for Season 2. This dystopian thriller set in Brazil is a must watch and thankfully the 1st season is available to watch on Netflix. Season 2 is set to premiere on Netflix on April 27th.

To recap, 3% is set in an unspecified future where almost everyone lives in poverty: their shirts are ripped, their houses are dilapidated, their hair needs a good deep conditioner or hot oil treatment and there is only one option for them to better their lives, the Process. When the citizens turn 20 years old, they have the opportunity to go through the Process. They are taken to a compound and given several stages of assessment that become more challenging. Many do not make it past the interview portion. Their numbers dwindle as they go through the tests until only 3% are left. They then get to receive their vaccine and make their way to the Offshore and live” happily ever after”.

However, things aren’t all sunshine and roses for those on the Offshore. There’s a group called the Resistance who believe that the Process is unfair and that everyone deserves the wealth from the Offshore. They try to infiltrate the Process and the Offshore, but we’re not sure how successful they’ve been.

What’s really got my blood pumping is that it looks like. We’ll finally be able to see The Offshore this season. Although this trailer is literally a teaser giving us hardly any info, I am too excited for what’s coming next.

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