This is not a drill! BBC America has just released the first four minutes of season 4 of Orphan Black! Check it out after the jump.

Holy hell! Here’s my immediate reaction to everything we just saw.

  • Is that a new clone in the mask?
  • Guy in the beard is pretty hot.
  • Oh, oh my why is that EMT couple making out over a dead body?
  • Wait… if that’s the clone helping Beth why haven’t we met her, yet?
  • Is everything we know about Beth’s beginning wrong?
  • Whoa. Beth was in a lot deeper with drugs than I remember. Poor Beth.
  • OMG his body is everything!
  • But, I’d also be terrified of him if I was Beth. How can she trust anyone! Poor, poor Beth.
  • Is there anything Tatiana can’t do? Even in mask work (sometimes considered the hardest work in the theater world) she is effortless and flawless.
  • Why won’t anyone give Tatiana an Emmy?!
  • Who was in the body bag that had new clone all freaked out????

The new season of Orphan Black is promising a whole lot of twists and turns. April 14th cannot get here quick enough!

BBC also announced a new official after show entitled After the BlackThis week stars Tatiana Maslany and Kevin Hanchard will appear on the show.

What do you think of new clone? Who’s in the body bag? Do you think the sesteras will be able to figure it out?

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