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5 Black-Owned Wellness Retreats

5 Black-Owned Wellness Retreats

Self-care is a critical component of mental and physical wellness. It is especially important for Black women because we face unique challenges and stressors in our daily lives. The demands of work, family, and all the things we have going on can leave little time for self-care, but leaning into things that bring us joy and fulfillment is key. Wellness is whatever we need to heal, feel grounded, feel at peace, and feel centered.

Now more than ever is the time for Black women to make our health and well-being a top priority. When it comes to seeking out self-care options, there’s nothing like supporting your own. There are many Black-owned communities that provide beautiful journeys, sisterhood, and travel and uphold the narrative that Black women can give ourselves the space to be well from the crown of our head to the soles of our feet. These are five Black-owned wellness retreats ready and waiting with open arms.

The Colored Girl’s IMARA Retreat

With a mission to “Unite, Uplift and Empower,” IMARA provides an immersive space geared towards helping Black women reconnect with their power, in destinations like Johannesburg, Nairobi, and cities right here in the United States. Founder and Creative Director Tori Elizabeth combines her talents and skills as a former celebrity wardrobe stylist and expert in public relations and marketing to empower women of color. IMARA goes beyond yoga and meditation to include panels and workshops. Past speakers have included Chief Marketing Officer Bozoma Saint John, online course launch coach Danielle Leslie, and content creator Jade Kendle. The location for November 2023 is Morocco and the theme is “Elevation,” which is all about helping you reach your full potential and rise up to new heights.

OMNoire Retreats

OMNoire was founded in 2017 by yoga teacher and entrepreneur Christina Rice. She also has a strong background in marketing and public relations for celebrities, running her own agency. Like many of us, she didn’t quite feel her life was aligned. What started as a simple retreat in Grenada has grown to include destinations like the Poconos, Barbados, and Ghana. While attending the retreats, travelers can expect to connect with other Black women through activities like group meditation and friendly conversations. This social wellness community is one that aims to help Black women live well from the inside out. Destinations in 2024 include Negril, Portugal, Atlanta, Arizona, Bali, and more.

The Whole Experience Retreats

In 2017, Tameika G and Whitney Gee (solo travelers and strangers at the time) met in coffee shop in Bali. Through conversation, they realized they shared the same passions for travel, health, wellness, and female empowerment. After both deciding they wanted to work for themselves, the rest is history. As a traveling health retreat, the Whole Experience is open to all women and is a great choice for Black women who are looking for a safe space that also prioritizes health. The retreat is hosted in various countries including Italy, Thailand, Bali, and Greece, with each location offering vegetarian meals and mindfulness seminars. The Whole Experience is designed to teach attendees how to make healthy living sustainable. If you’re looking for Black sisterhood and community, this might be the wellness retreat for you.

Africa With Us

If you spend any amount of time on social media, you’re sure to see Black women sharing their journeys to Africa. I believe that many of us have a yearning to go there, to connect to another part of ourselves. If you’re looking for active retreats with expert local guides, then this is for you. Africa With Us is all about understanding, experiencing, and spreading the exotic and rich practice of Kukuwa Fitness, a combination of African dance, fitness, cultural exploration, and community service. This Black-owned wellness retreat will have you moving your body to a variety of African music. You will dance and dine at various retreat destinations from Senegal and the Gambia to Botswana and South Africa. You’ll also try different cuisines to enrich your body, participate in community service to enrich your soul, and have incredible cultural experiences to enrich your mind.

Leisano Living

Through mindfulness and meditation, Leisano Living offers a way to step outside of your comfort zone while you relax, recharge, and restore your soul. Owner Leisan Echols started Leisano Living for very personal reasons. After boldly walking away from her dream job due to burnout in January 2018, she embarked on a six-month adventure to wellness that took her across the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. As a dietician and exercise physiologist who strongly believes in the healing power of travel, Leisan was determined to build a business that provides Black women with tools to optimize their well-being and immerses them in new cultures to promote self-discovery. The next mindfulness retreat is in April 2024 in beautiful St. Lucia. Each day you’ll be exploring nature, food, and music. You’ll walk away with your heart, body, and mind restored.

With the wellness industry growing faster every day, unfortunately it still lacks the diverse representation that is needed to help Black women realize they deserve more than a bubble bath and glass of wine every few nights. These Black-owned retreats are leading the charge in the way Black women define and embrace wellness.

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