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5 Marvel Unlimited Series To Keep You Busy Until Homecoming

5 Marvel Unlimited Series To Keep You Busy Until Homecoming

By Kai Charles

Is it July Yet? Now that we have Wonder Woman successfully launched, my thoughts are turning to the web slinger. Here are five MU titles celebrating the youthful exploits of Peter Parker and his amazing friends:




This series focuses on a high school aged Peter Parker as he juggles school, crime fighting, and his feelings for a feisty Gwen Stacey. Think action packed fights and selfies. It’s a newer title with twelve issues on the app so far.



Miles Morales: Ultimate Spiderman


On MU you can read Miles story from the very beginning, including his addition to the current Marvel Universe. You can also read some of the classic bromance between Miles and Ganke Lee. Ganke is Miles’s best friend and a version of that story seems to be playing out with the character Ned Leeds in Homecoming.


Mary Jane/ Mary Jane: Homecoming

It’s impossible for me to think of Spidey without thinking of Mary Jane. Though Zendaya’s character in the film is called Michelle, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was revealed to be Mary Jane Watson.

These comics from 2004-2005 have a YA feel to them as we learn about Mary Janes’s life before she joined the gang.



 Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane


This series follows MJ and Peter from High School to College. Two different creative teams worked on these books, but they have a similar feel and Young Adult slant.


The Problem with the Biopic


Spider-Man Web Warriors


This series spun out of the Spiderverse event. It is a team up book that stars various versions of Spiderman from different dimensions. One of my favorite charters is Pavitr Prabhakar, an Indian version of the character along with the ever fun Spider Pig!


If you haven’t checked out Marvel Unlimited, now is the time! Check online for discount codes and fill your days with some great Spidey reads!



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