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5 Things I Saw in ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ Trailer That We Need to Discuss

5 Things I Saw in ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ Trailer That We Need to Discuss

The Curse of La Llorona brings the most interesting aspect of Mexican and Mexican American culture into perspective for non-Latino American audiences. The film promises to be an experience that will bring together those familiar with the folklore, and those who seek out that familiarity. They will experience one of the old tales passed down from generation to generation, brought to life onscreen. Here are a few things to expect from the new film, The Curse of La Llorona.

Large Hispanic/Latino cast.

There are not many Hollywood films, especially horror films, that have a largely Hispanic cast. There are of course the classics like Selena and Tortilla Soup which do explore the culture and that realm of the American experience in its entirety. However, there needs to be more. The Curse of La Llorona will help to add to the trove of films where Latinos are centered, giving the community more opportunities to see themselves being represented in American films and Hollywood.

Empowering Roles for Women.

The story of La Llorona takes on many forms and has been retold many times. In the most recent re-adaptation of the film, The Curse of La Llorona, the female lead (the mother) will go to great lengths to protect the ones she loves. Her biggest problem is La Llorona, who is just as powerful, and an entity that does what she has to in order to get what she wants. The mother is confronted with superstition and the supernatural, both of which she was so sure of before. This is until she met a powerful woman who challenges this notion.  Linda Cardellini and Patricia Velasquez round out this cast of women from the trailer, who are centered in the film.

Religion, Superstition, and La Llorona.

Legends and the myths are separated by religion or superstition. The film carefully crafts the connection Catholic Church and the Hispanic/Mexican community, and those that believe in the legend.  The two are often associated as synonymous with one another because of how often they are mentioned in relation to one another. But, there is a large disconnection between the two, which I hope the film explores in greater depth.

La Llorona is hard to fight off. That’s what the legend says anyway. Over the years, Latinos have applied all manner of remedies the La Llorona lore. There are spells, enchantments, and prayers that can be done and said to keep her away from children if done correctly. So many families still follow through with these traditions in order to find peace of mind. The trailer emphasizes the use of candles and prayers. Often there will be ceremonies that are used to cleanse the house from evil spirits, and other times there are those that do the cleaning of individuals outside in public areas for those that deem it necessary. The film tries to capture the essence of this in the trailer with flowers, candles, and burning incense.

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An Accurate Portrayal of the Curse

For those unfamiliar with the legend, even in the Latino/Mexican community, the trailer presents inquiries and accurate descriptions of the tale. It captures the fact La Llorona is translated into English as “The Weeping Woman.” The trailer also depicts how those that do not believe in it, see it as a folk tale, but also show how others know it to be true. The old folklore states that La Llorona will often, if not always, be found crying over her lost children. So when the sound of a crying woman is heard from a distance, she is near. The film remains true to this representation of her when the characters are near her.

The trailer does an amazing job at demonstrating the extent La Llorona is willing to go through. She can go through walls, open doors, and snatch children while in motion. She possesses supernatural abilities outside of her physical state. It also magnificently shows that La Llorona often takes children in pairs or groups, and not always just one at a time.

Her Face

It is said that she often keeps her face covered because she does not want others to see her crying. The trailer presents her in a horrifying and demonic manner that only helps to promote the terrifying legend of La Llorona. She is also said to only have been seen in the night hours, which the trailer also keeps with.

The film The Curse of La Llorona is said to be one that will rival horror mystery films like the Conjuring series, and The Nun. It appears to be a film that cares about the legend and depicts it responsibly. The film trailer presents the information of the legend in an accurate, if not the terrifyingly well-structured manner that remains true to the culture.

This popular movie will hit the screens April 19, 2019. But remember, if you hear a crying woman, walk the other way.


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