Out of the many genres I enjoy reading or watching, Scottish romance is one of them, with Outlander being the most popular. Although I had never read the books (still haven’t) or watched the TV series, gifs and images kept popping up on my Tumblr until I decided to start watching. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the show and I ended up binging every episode in one week.

At the end of Outlander‘s second season, the most recent, much was revealed. We get to see Claire and Jamie’s now grown daughter Brianna. We also see Geillis again, but this time she is Gillian, the White Rose of Scotland. She’s still doing the same thing by fighting for Scottish Independence. In the past, we see that Jamie plans to fight in the Battle of Culloden anyways (for no reason I can see), but he did not perish in the fight. He is alive and Claire is determined to go back and find him again. I’m excited to be writing recaps for BGN and here are the five things I’m most excited for season 3.

1Jamie and Black Jack’s Reunion

I am so ready for Black Jack to get his comeuppance. His death day is coming and it’ll be
glorious. I do have a feeling that something won’t go right and Black Jack will survive. Maybe I read too many Stephen King novels to trust happy endings.

2Jamie and Claire’s Reunion

Although I am known to roll my eyes at kissing and canoodling on TV, I am a sucker for Jamie and Claire. Their chemistry is amazing and you know that that reunion scene is going to be highly emotional and gratifying.

3Jamie’s New Hair

I know, I know. This is superficial, however, I’m a sucker for a man with long hair and Jamie’s ponytail game is strong.

4Jamie and Geneva

Since I have not read the books and therefore no nothing about this storyline, I am intrigued to see what happens to Jamie and Geneva. Adding a fresh romance will be an interesting addition to our current roster (even if she is not his true love).


Out of all of the character, I identify with Jenny the most. She’s strong in the face of adversity and is willing to sacrifice quite a lot for her family. Some articles have mentioned betrayal, but I can’t see her turning in her beloved brother after everything Claire and Jamie have done for her.


Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser), Romann Berrux (Fergus). Via EW

That beard is killing it! I also need to know that my baby Fergus is okay!


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I highly recommend Tartan Surprise to Her Scottish Wolf if you need more Scottish romances like Outlander. These also involve black women and Theodora Taylor especially has a large body of work that I enjoy.

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