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6 Black Female-Owned Travel Brands to Follow in 2023

6 Black Female-Owned Travel Brands to Follow in 2023

Black travelers in 2019 contributed billions of dollars to the travel industry, and they continue to do more than just book flights. Many Black individuals are moving from tourists to business owners by turning their love for travel into a business.

Here’s a list of 6 Black-owned travel brands creating a more inclusive travel experience.

1. The Wind Collective


If traveling were a meal, The Wind Collective would serve five courses. This unique travel brand creates curated trips for travelers who want to experience adventure and culture that will delight their curiosity.  

Co-founded by Clé Hunnigan and Doyin Sogbesan, the Wind Collective’s trips give travelers an experience of a lifetime. With itineraries that include cultural experiences such as dance classes, historic tours, and giving back to the local communities, the Wind Collective knows how to have a good time. The icing on the cake is that they have photographers and videographers follow you around to make sure every special moment is captured and remembered. 

Sogbesan emailed BGN about their trips, saying that they are perfect for anyone who seeks adventure, a creative community, and a safe space to express freedom through travel.

She also shares why the Wind Collective is unlike your typical group travel trip.

“The Wind Collective champions authentic travel experiences around the globe, those that leave a lasting mark, and everyone leaves as a family! You also get the best pics from our dedicated content creators capturing some of your favorite moments on the trip — from a cultural, culinary, and entertaining experience in Ghana to diving in a Mexican Cenote to a Rastafarian immersive experience in Jamaica.”

2. Airfordable

Almost every traveler has had their heart broken when they get ready to buy their plane ticket and see the prices are way out of their budget. In fact, this and similar problems were once struggles of Aifordable’s co-founders Ama Marfo and Emmanuel Buah. Together they created a travel company out of the belief that travel should be fun and accessible for everyone. 

Airfordable allows users to book a flight ticket at full price without spending a third of their paycheck. Users start by searching for their desired flight through the Airfordable app. Then, eager travelers are required to pay only a fraction of the cost and pay off the remaining balance in four installments before the date of their trip. After the final payment is made, users are sent their tickets and are ready to take to the skies.

3. Black Broads Abroad 

Source: Black Broads Abroad

Out of the many travel trends we saw over the last two years, one of them has been Black women moving abroad to seek refuge and relief from the pressures of being a Black woman in the United States. Black Broads Abroad spotlights those women and shares their inspiring stories on the Black Broads Abroad podcast. Some of the featured guests on the podcast include an attorney who moved herself and her children to Tanzania to become an educator along with a finance professional who moved to Australia to become a basketball player. These stories showcase how doing the impossible and starting a brand new life is indeed possible.

On the website, you can also find insights into different countries such as South Africa, Malaysia, Japan, and many more. In addition, the website also shows what it’s like to live in these countries with information on transportation, cost of living, and accommodations.

4. Ebby Rane

With podcasts, curating trips, and even travel accessories, Black women are slowly taking over the travel scene. One travel brand that is making waves is Ebby Rane, which sells the ideal carry-on suitcase. It was started by Sonja M. Salmon, who left her corporate job in 2014 and dove into creating luggage that fits every traveler’s needs. Aynsley Wintrip Harris, the president of Ebby Rane, describes their suitcase the QuarterMaster as “an elegant custom closet on wheels specifically for the way women travel. Trimmed in Italian leather, it comes with 11 packing cases and carryalls included, for every essential. Our patented packing system ensures that everything stays in its place in transit making it easy to pull out your heels for a meeting on arrival or your swimsuit to get your vacation started. It even comes with an Italian leather clutch. It’s the perfect accessory to your travel wardrobe.”

They also have this amazing suitcase available in vegan-friendly material.

5. Caribbean and Co


The Caribbean islands are everyone’s dream getaway location. Besides beautiful beaches and carnival festivals, these colorful islands scattered across the sea provide visitors with a wealth of culture. To share this culture with visitors, Ursula Petula Barzey founded the Caribbean & Co tourism company. On her website, she shares everything you need to know about visiting or working remotely from the Caribbean islands.

Barzey wrote to Black Girl Nerds via email and shared that she was inspired by the lack of digital platforms owned by Caribbean nationals. Her tourism company fills this gap by telling authentic stories about the region that go beyond sun, sand, and sea. Through this storytelling, she considers herself an amateur historian and seeks to educate visitors on the region’s rich and complicated history. 

Her website also details 30+ destinations in the Caribbean, along with recommendations for accommodations and everything you need to plan a getaway or a long-term stay.

6. Shida’s on the Loose


Roshida Dowe is a one-woman travel brand who has been helping women quit their soul-sucking jobs and start a new life abroad. She empowers women to make bold decisions when crafting the life they love by drawing from her experience as a seasoned traveler who was once tied to her 9-to-5 job. When the company she worked for went out of business and left her with no support, she saw it as a way out of a half-lived life and found her freedom by moving to Mexico. In the beautiful city of Playa del Carmen, she not only encountered beautiful beaches she also discovered early retirement at age 38. 

Now through her YouTube channel “Shida’s on the Loose” her and coaching programs, she mentors and teaches women how to step away from an unfulfilling life and use to travel to design the life they love.

These travel brands show us that there are more opportunities to experience the world around us. Whether it’s through a curated trip, choosing travel as a lifestyle, or finding more affordable and accessible ways to travel, these brands can help you go further than you’ve gone before.

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