Find yourself checking your smartphone calendar to see if your pooch has any play dates this week? Does the mention of the Superbowl remind you that you have a Puppybowl party and you rush off to make sure you have enough doggie treats? Do you find yourself perusing multiple dog fashion catalogs trying to decide what outfits you and your furry friend will be wearing on Easter?  If these things sound familiar to you, then you might be a dog nerd. Peruse this list just to make sure and take heart if you are — your four-legged friend is living their best life if you are.

8You might be a dog nerd If you know how many recognized dog breeds there are

According to the World Canine Organization, there are approximately 340 recognized breeds. Bringing it closer to home, the American Kennel Club,  or AKC, recognizes 167 breeds.

But hey, if you know a Goldendoodle from a Labradoodle or the difference between a Border Collie and a Rough Collie on sight and can give a detailed description of their characteristics. You just might be a dog nerd.