Find yourself checking your smartphone calendar to see if your pooch has any play dates this week? Does the mention of the Superbowl remind you that you have a Puppybowl party and you rush off to make sure you have enough doggie treats? Do you find yourself perusing multiple dog fashion catalogs trying to decide what outfits you and your furry friend will be wearing on Easter?  If these things sound familiar to you, then you might be a dog nerd. Peruse this list just to make sure and take heart if you are — your four-legged friend is living their best life if you are.

7You have an app to keep up with your dog  

Nothing’s too good for Fido. In this age of smartphones, tablets and smartwatches, it is no surprise that there are apps to help you keep on top of taking care of your dog.

Barkily allows you to enter your dog’s birthday information and share it with his play dates. It also allows you to select a veterinarian of record from a list, or you can input your vet’s information manually. You can, in some instances, book appointments with your vet through the app. No more hunting around looking for immunization records — there is a place to store all that information on the app. You can also store information such as temperament traits and other pertinent information on your four-legged friend.

Another app you will want to look at is called Tractive, and it’s a dog locating app. Similar to the apps we use for keeping track of our runs and walks, this one keeps track of our walks with our four-legged friends. It can also locate your dog in real-time and establish a perimeter that will set off an alert to you if your dog crosses the preset threshold.  You can upload their pics, and you can take photos while walking and include them on the walk for that day. It has GPS functionality built in, so you can track where and how long you walked as well as the actual distance.