Teen WitchI’ll be honest, even though I was at the target demographic for Teen Witch when it was released – I couldn’t remember this movie to save my life. When I was told this was this week’s #80sLiveTweet  movie I had to look it up and re-watch it. Yes, I take my responsibility as your 80s ambassador seriously.

All I can say is that this movie has almost everything that would make an 80s movie a success – a high school student struggling to be accepted by the cool kids, music, and snarky young brothers. However, unlike Teen Wolf (the reason why we have Teen Witch) this movie BOMBED – I mean, worse than what happened to Will Smith’s new movie.

Quick plot highlight: Louise (Robyn Lively) comes from a long line of witches and, after it gets triggered when she gets hit by a car (lesson learned: don’t ride your bike on a dark road) , decides to do what any teenager would – use it against all the punks who gave her a hard time AND to attract that hot football player named Brad.

What ensues is awesomely bad 80s music – with the ever present saxophone solo and, no lie, horrific rap songs – awkward acting, and really big hair.

Here’s a nice ear worm for you –

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLa8jMYQcfY&w=560&h=315]

Yes, it is who you think it is.
Yes, it is who you think it is.

And, keep your eyes open for some character actors that ruled the box office during that era. I let out a scream a couple times myself.

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