Media can be very biased how they portray different races and different sexualities in the media. We can agree that women need a better voice in the media. Black women definitely need a voice in the media. Gay and Lesbian characters are needing a healing to get a voice in the media. The voices are either too sexual or killed immediately after you start liking them.

Gay and bisexual men are portrayed as commitment phobic or always wanting sex. Lesbian and bisexual women are super sexual and instantly changed after meeting the perfect man. Transgender men and women are often used as the butt of the joke or these mystical creatures. We are a variety of people. We aren’t who and what they portray on tv and movies. These tired stereotypes are shaping what people are think about gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender people.

Many in the community are sick of these stupid, often wrong stereotypes. I, being in this community, can’t stand it. Also I’m glad it’s great brought up that many lesbian characters are being killed at a alarming rate in movies and tv shows. More producers and writers are addressing it and trying to changing it. Even gay and lesbian writers have been put under the microscope for their biased writing. We deserve better.

Being gay can be very isolating and be hard. The media and often people have a thought what they think gay people act and live. All it takes is people getting to know that they don’t know and learn. I would love to teach media how I am and show them that I’m multi faced and I have layers. I’m not a sex driven, all knowing woman.

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I want to see better representation of all people. Asian people need a better voice. African American people need a better voice. Latin people need a better voice.  Native Americans need a better voice. We all need to create a voice for ourselves and demand better. We need create those correct voices and we are demanding to be heard. If you have a idea, tell the world. We have to create and show the world who we really are.

I want to also call attention to African American women and transgender women being killed with no media attention or justice being served. Don’t forget to #SayHerName and never forget about them.  RIP queen. We will continue to fight for justice for you women.



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