Ever since I was l little I tried to look like someone else. If you wondering what I’m talking about, you probably do it too. Most people clip out pictures out of magazines when they go to salons or they choose to copy a fashion style that their favorite celebrity is wearing. Don’t deny it. We all try to be someone we’re not. But hopefully I can convince you to be yourself. Being unique is a scary thing. You don’t know if people will like your look. And most are scared of being picked on. It is always scary to put yourself out there. You will not convince everyone is to like your look, hair, or even your personality. At least you put yourself out there. The older you get the more you realize that having a few great friends instead of huge crowds of people who do not like/love you is a lot better.

 Of course you think she has fabulous hair 

Instead of trying to have hair like Tracee Ellis Ross, try doing your own style. Instead of doing your make up like Dita Von Teese, try mixing the different make-up styles together (hard/soft look). Just try to make it your own look.

 Me doing my own style: Fluffy/side part 

 It is okay to be yourself and accept your body, hair, and personality as your own. We all can be whatever we want to be, but just love yourself first before trying to be something that you’re not.

Brittany Stringfield Logan is the writer and creator of The Lows and Woes of a Natural Girl she’s into all things nerdy including Star Wars, Star Trek, Comic Books, and Graphic Novels. She is currently featured on Black Girl Nerd’s BGN Girl series and co-hosts the weekly BGN podcast.