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AFROPUNK FEST: A Mecca of Incredible Individuality & Invention

AFROPUNK FEST: A Mecca of Incredible Individuality & Invention

AFROPUNK FEST falls somewhere in-between the far-reaching galaxies, the motherland, a mosh-pit, and your best friend’s kickback. It’s a time and space where the land sparkles with melanin. The spirit of resilience causes the senses to overload with electricity and joy. There’s a buzz as all of the personalities bloom and flourish. AFROPUNK FEST is a place where the rebellious soul still lives.

I’ve never enjoyed people-watching so much. Yet, I saw an array of magic resonate through individual style. And all of this was complemented by an overwhelming feeling of freedom. And here I was, basking in it, happy to finally express my true self at AFROPUNK FEST Atlanta.

afropunk fest, afropunk fest
[Courtesty of S. Stillberg]
This wasn’t my first AFROPUNK FEST experience. I attended AFROPUNK FEST Atlanta in 2016 and was astonished by the people, fashion, music, art, and food. Yet, as the months passed by and the 2017 festival neared, I became more indecisive about whether to go. But something was brewing, and I felt like a cartoon character attracted to its sweet aroma. Floating. I knew I had to take my seat at the table. I couldn’t decline the invitation. I purchased my ticket, even though I had an important event to attend that same weekend. No excuses!

I dug through my closet searching for the ensemble that would best express my individuality, but it wasn’t there. What I found was the fabric that I had purchased the year before. So, within two weeks of AFROPUNK FEST, I was preparing for a book tour event while hand-sewing a masterpiece. With the help of my mom, a friend, and two nice young ladies at Francesca’s, I created my AFROPUNK FEST fit. Trying it on, I felt like an AFROPUNK prom queen.

My excitement heightened with every post @AFROPUNK shared on their Instagram page, but it was two weeks until the concert and I had no idea what to wear! The year prior I sported a color-block Nefertiti T-Shirt, blue jeans, and multi-colored dunks. My outfit was expressive, but this year my goal was to really outshine with creativity, be a glorious Black Girl Nerd, and let my spirit come through. There is definitely no AFROPUNK FEST dress code. At AFROPUNK FEST you rock what you feel. And this year I’ve been expanding my Queendom.

afropunk fest, faith underwood
[Courtesty of K. Reeves]
On October 14th, I woke up exhausted, ecstatic, and anxious to get my day started. By day, I was an indie author, but by night I was an AFROPUNK sovereign. I felt the love as I was welcomed and complimented on my homemade threads.

My AFROPUNK FEST experience was a reminder that we find our place in the world by finding ourselves. Once a year we migrate to this mecca of individuality to celebrate who we are. We are individual strokes that make up a beautiful portrait of style and freedom.



Written by: Faith Underwood, an author, educator, self-awareness coach, and doggy mother from Georgia. She is an avid crystal collector, meditator, and sci-fi entertainment lover who enjoys reading feel-good news stories, gardening and adding new stamps to her passport. When Faith isn’t teaching or working on her novels, TRIGGER and RECOIL, she is busy planning the development of her publishing company. Twitter: @uwoodhavefaith



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