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Alex vs Cadmus: A #Supergirl Requiem

Alex vs Cadmus: A #Supergirl Requiem

This week’s episode Supergirl is a follow up to last week as Cadmus reveals what they intend to do with the National Alien Registry and Kara attempts to write. There are also a lot of strong messages toward the way the US immigration situation is being handled right now.

Alex Davers professional bad-ass

This episode starts off innocently enough (which in truth is the first warning sign): a very white family is on a road trip and the parents are doing a disservice to Bruno Mars as they jam to 24K Magic. They get pulled over and the cop tells them that their tail light is broken and offers to fix it (am I crazy to assume this is a nod to Philando Castile?). Instead of doing that however, he arrests the man and throws him into an unmarked black van. His family tries to escape but are abducted also.

This family is one of 20 that has been kidnapped by Cadmus and the DEO is scrambling trying to figure out what Cadmus is up to and how to stop it.

Alex is still stressing about her dad, she thinks there’s still some good in him, and she wants to make sure he has room for redemption when the DEO eventually takes Cadmus down.

Winn is doing a meet the friends with Lyra and James and they’re super cute together (like they’re my 3rd favorite couple on this show after Jara #keepthedreamalive and Malex). Winn is telling James his plan to keep his relationship thriving when Cadmus blows a hole in the bar and starts snatching up aliens. The only mistake here is there are four badass fighters in this bar (Alex, Maggie, Lyra and James) so the four get in a fight with the agents. They are over powered and the Cadmus agents get everyone including Lyra leaving Winn (and me) distressed.

Back at the DEO Winn is trying to figure out a way to get Lyra back and Alex is burdened with guilt. Though they catch one of the Cadmus guys, J’onn is unable to read his mind. Alex buried under the shame and onus of what her father did, she goes into the Cadmus guy’s cell and starts beating the crap out of him for answers; he refuses and J’onn pulls Alex off of him.

Somehow Jeremiah finds his way into Alex’s apartment while she’s alone. He tells her that Cadmus is going to kill all the people they abducted but he can stop them if she helps him by stealing equipment from the DEO. She agrees without question and he turns into a disappointed J’onn. He thought that Alex’s intentions might’ve been compromised by her emotions, her verifying his fears gives him no choice but to suspend her.

Kara goes to comfort Alex after what happened, and she asks her to get J’onn to put her back on the case. Kara refuses, telling Alex that though J’onn should not have tricked her, he was right in thinking that her emotions have compromised her reason.

Maggie, who has declared herself a ride or die, is willing to help Alex with whatever she needs (hence the name) and the two foolishly decide to take on Cadmus themselves. They find the alien kidnappers under a bridge trying to get another one. Malex rescues the alien and Alex decides that she must go to Cadmus alone (what could possibly go wrong?).

Despite her best efforts, Alex is caught, luckily for her, by her dad. She finds out that Cadmus is sending the aliens back to their homeworlds’ (a la an IRL Assaulter in Chief). Alex is disgusted and she begs her dad to see reason. Even though he did save all these aliens from being executed (Lilian’s original idea) he can do more. Lilian threatens him, but in the end, he sides with Alex. He fights with Lilian to hack into the ship and stop it from leaving, while Alex tries to stop it from the inside.

She calls the DEO and asks Winn to help her override the ship, she has no success and the ship begins to take off. Luckily for us and them (mostly them, I would love to see Alex in space) Supergirl stops the ship from leaving the earth’s gravitational pull, and her and Alex share a beautiful supportive moment.

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Kara and the Fake News

Distraught Kara wants to find a way to warn aliens that Cadmus is snatching people up. The DEO can’t release a statement so Kara decides to take the matter to Cat Co.
When Kara pitches the story to Snapper, he shuts it down. Kara doesn’t have enough sources and due to #FakeNews and alternative nonsense, journalists now need AT LEAST two sources to have work published at Cat Co. Kara tries to reason with Snapper and tells him she can get him an exclusive interview with Supergirl.

Supergirl and Snapper have their exclusive interview; she verifies that Cadmus is doing mass abductions but she can’t tell him how she knows that (how about from the government?). Snapper low key tries to get Supergirl to whistle blow which she refuses to do and instead of doing any more journalistic work they both leave, with Snapper refusing again to write the story.

Kara runs into Lena at Cat. Co because they’re supposed to be getting lunch together but Kara forgot. She tells Lena about her writing troubles and asks her for advice (instead of talking to her friend James, who’s just the stupid head of the company). Lena tells her that if Snapper won’t publish it, just do it online yourself, which seems like the advice you get from someone who got their job through nepotism.

Upon learning that Cadmus is abducting people Lena volunteers to help figure out where her mother is hiding. At her apartment, Kara is deciding if she should post her blog piece about Cadmus when Mon-El bursts through the door. He tells Kara to follow her heart because she’s the most moral person he knows (barf), she listens to him and does it.

Despite doing the right thing, and saving her sister from hurtling into space Kara is fired from Cat Co. for posting her rogue blog. Mon-El comes to comfort her and Kara decides she’s fine because who needs a job that fulfills your dreams and gives you strong ties to your humanity when you can just be Supergirl and Mon-El’s girlfriend instead?

I always appreciate a Supergirl episode that shines a light on society’s ills and if you have been paying attention to this show at all you’d would know that the Supergirl writers are big defenders of immigrants. The underlying theme of the mistreatment of immigrants woven into the episode nicely. What didn’t work this week was the inconsistency. Feel free to take a look at the Supergirl recap from the first episode or re-watch it where Kara tells James that she wants to focus on her career and then breaks up with him. NOW she has no career and a boyfriend who she knows nothing about and no career to focus on or advance. And her lack of career could’ve have easily been avoided. Not to mention that one of the head writers for this episode was a woman.


  • JAMES COULD’VE PUBLISHED THE ARTICLE! He was at the bar when aliens got snatched up! He is the CEO/ Editor In Chief/ HEAD BLACK PERSON IN CHARGE. Kara didn’t have to get fired!!! What nonsense AHHHAJHAUDgdjbawsdh. Writers PLEASE utilize James as a character in a powerful position.
  • I appreciate the Superman nod to Dean Cain.
  • Shout out to Anonymous who commented on last week’s recap and demanded more James and lo and behold we got more James… now only if the writers would utilize him properly.
  • Shout out to myself I guess for stating the obvious for weeks on end… Mon-El is a prince
  • There have been so many guest stars of old Supermen, Supergirls and Wonderwomen that I’m waiting for Adam West to show up
  • “We think everyone is lying until we can prove they’re not” – Snapper. That seems like a healthy way to build relationships…

Stephanie FrancisStephanie Francis is an aspiring journalist with a TV addiction. She has been published in a multitude of small papers including the Gloucester Times, the Salem News and the Boston Globe. You can find a collect of her published work at And her live tweets @stephsfrancis.

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