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Aliyah Moudlen of ‘The Voice’ Lands Role In Netflix Original

Aliyah Moudlen of ‘The Voice’ Lands Role In Netflix Original

By Angel Jeter


Aliyah Moulden was the powerhouse and triple threat performing super-vocalist, who just competed as a finalist in the top 3 on NBC’s The Voice Season 12. Personally chosen by Blake Shelton to be a part of his team, Moulden won the hearts of America. Now that the singing competition is over, Aliyah has been focusing on acting and just recently landed a lead role in the upcoming Netflix original movie ‘Anastasia: Once Upon A Time’.


BGNs: How old are you and what made you audition for The Voice vs. American Idol?

AM: I am 15 years old. I auditioned for The Voice because I was approached by them. I personally do not like competitions and I had never submitted to any television show before. I believe they found my YouTube Channel. They contacted me by email. At first, I did not believe it was real. But I attended the audition, and the whole experience was the best time of my life.


BGNs: Will you be releasing an album or single?

AM: I just finished writing my original single song. It is in music production right now as I speak. I plan to record it in the next couple of weeks. It should be ready by the first week in August. I am also working on another single. That one will not be ready until much later.


BGNs: We heard you landed one of the lead roles for Netflix’s upcoming original movie, ‘Anastasia’. Can you tell us what this film is about and your character you will be portraying?

AM: Yes, I landed one of the lead roles for a Netflix original movie, and I am super excited about it. As you mentioned, the name of the Netflix original movie is Anastasia: Once Upon a Time. It is about a girl named Anastasia, played by Emily Carey (young Diana in Wonder Woman). Anastasia travels in time from 1917 to 1988. During her traveling, she meets me, and we have a few adventures. For the movie, I will portrait a Pop artist of the 1980’s. I am so thankful to the producers Armando Gutierrez, Eli Lipnik, Peter Lees, Bret Jone, and Blake Harris, for taking the time and writing a part just for me. I am really excited about the opportunity and look forward to working with the talented cast.


BGNs: Did you audition for your role on the Netflix Anastasia film or did they just pick you for this role?

AM: I had the opportunity to audition for the role in front of the producers for the movie.


BGNs: Will the film include original songs or remakes?

AM: The film will include new songs. I will have the opportunity to write, produce, and perform songs for the movie. I don’t know if there will be any remakes at this time. I am really excited about the music as I love to write and perform. I am so thankful.


BGNs: What are your career goals?

AM: My career goals are to become an established actress, and talk hostess with a powerful career in music. My goal is to be a combination of Oprah Winfrey and Beyonce.


BGNs: If you weren’t in the entertainment business what other profession would you be pursuing?

AM: Well, I love what I do, and I feel like I am just starting in the entertainment business. I do plan on going to University and pursuing a degree in Business with a minor in music. I feel they go hand in hand.


BGNs: Do you still keep in touch with the judges from The Voice?

AM: I actually am able to keep in contact with my coach Blake Shelton. I am very respectful of his busy schedule and would only communicate with him on important matters.


BGNs: What is one thing people underestimate about you?

AM: I think people can underestimate my dedication and hard work ethic for my passion: doing well in music and acting. I can be a workaholic if need be. I just love what I do.


BGNs: What gets you through never giving up on your dreams?

AM: I have a really strong support system. My team helps me keep focused on my goals. The support they give me lets me know that I can achieve my dreams.


For more about Aliyah Moudlen connect with her on Twiter.

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