It is quite amazing the lengths that parents will go to in order to protect their children.  Is it human nature to act from emotion and avoid dealing with the consequences of these actions? American Crime showcases the fact that the more money a family has, the better that family is to break the rules — but in the 21st Century, social media and hacking social media is the great equalizer.

The board at Leland Prep was fast and free with sending blunt emails and texts to organize and protect their children during the scandal that involved the basketball team.  The only person who was mindful of her email account was Headmaster Leslie Graham (Felicity Huffman).  This week she proves that she is a survivor.

Sebastian De La Torre (Richard Cabral) is a hacker with an ego and the great thing about this character is that I can’t quite figure him out.  Will his strategy to cyber attack Leland Prep’s server be Taylor’s (Connor Jessup) salvation or will it have no impact on his situation? Everyone at Leland seems to have an extremely limited memory when it comes to how the basketball team operated and is more than willing to paint Taylor as a crazy gay kid who went mental and shot someone.  The involved parties just cover up their bad actions. Coach Dan Sullivan (Timothy Hutton) is focused on covering up his drug dealing daughter, while his wife (Hope Davis) passively aggressively approaches Taylor’s Mom (Lily Taylor) to soothe her guilt but ends up showing her mother bear claws. Over on the other side of the tracks, the Principal Chris Dixon (Elvis Nolasco) keeps trying to do the right thing and gets totally thrown under the bus, and it’s heartbreaking to witness because it would probably happen like this in real life.

“You’ve got all your information online, you don’t know how vulnerable you are.  It’s people like me…we’re the ones who protect you.”

Sebastian tells this to a date he meets online, as he brags to her about being a hacker for the people.  The whole idea of how vulnerable whatever we put online is, is just staggering when you think about it.  Sebastian is a kind of 21st century cyber hero hacking people’s information to “change the narrative” around Taylor’s state of mind when pulling the trigger.  The emails that Sebastian hacks may not be enough…so how far will he go and what will be the consequences?

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It all gets resolved next week in the last episode of the season. I’ll be watching.

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