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An Exclusive Look at Stanger Comics’ ‘Niobe & Dura’

An Exclusive Look at Stanger Comics’ ‘Niobe & Dura’

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Stranger Comics president and NIOBE creator, Sebastian A. Jones (THE UNTAMED), and filmmaker Prentice Penny (INSECURE, UNCORKED), are releasing NIOBE & DURA #2. For the first time ever, the reader, alongside Stranger’s iconic hero Niobe, will learn from shaman Dura how she created and saved the world of Asunda – a legacy Niobe will have to continue. 

NIOBE & DURA takes place in the world of Asunda, where fairytales have depth of story with relatable characters and resonant themes. This tale honors Black women as creators of worlds, and the fierce relationships between elders and the young as they pass on history and culture to the next generation – who will carry on the tradition of being heroes. Stranger is launching this campaign on Mother’s Day weekend in honor of Dura creating the world.

The second issue, along with the first, plus Tales of Asunda #1-3, and Morka Moa launches May 13 on Kickstarter platform, where each issue will also contain exclusive Pathfinder 1e gaming material. The campaign also features the official Paizo Niobe module, minis made by Mythic and LARP swords by Calimacil! DAY 1 backers will receive a beautiful FREE EXCLUSIVE NIOBE & DURA COMIC by Jamaican artist, Sheldon Mitchell! Check it out here to not miss out:

The Kickstarter drops May 13 alongside STRANGERCON, an online event on @strangercomics YOUTUBE LIVE hosted by Jones, which will feature celebrity guests and rare exclusive comics where all attendees will receive a DE LA SOUL tribute homage of TALES OF ASUNDA #2. JOIN HERE:

Nerdist had the exclusive look at Tales of Asunda hitting shops:

In 2021 the first issue was launched on Kickstarter platform and far surpassed its goal raising well over $100K. Penny, who has an overall deal with the Onyx Collective at Disney, met Jones while at HBO. Earlier this year they took their partnership to another level when they formed new comic company Payback Entertainment to be distributed via Stranger Comics.

Jones, who created the Black Elven franchise of Niobe when he introduced the character in the THE UNTAMED: A SINNER’S PRAYER more than a decade ago, had this to say about working with Penny and the series.

“I couldn’t be happier to have a partner in Prentice, as he’s always challenging and nurturing the human aspect of all our characters on a deeper frequency. These new tales will be great for our fans who already have an emotional connection to Niobe. I can’t wait for them to see what we have in store because it’s in this Niobe and Dura comic issue we finally share the truth of how our world came to be – and how that will affect not just Niobe but all of Asunda.” 

Penny, who adds comic writer to his long resume with Niobe & Dura, had this so say about his first foray into the comic medium.

“When Seb told me about the story of Niobe & Dura, which was not just about a Black female hero but about a Black woman creating the world of Asunda, I knew I had to be a part of it, to shine a light on them with the depth of character they deserve. The comics set in Asunda are rich in culture, nuanced and poetic, and the characters are relatable on a profoundly human level. Fans of Asunda will find all of that in Niobe and Dura, but we’re also bringing them further into the world by pulling back the curtain on the mythology and the world’s origin, which also creates a jumping on point for new fans who haven’t discovered Niobe yet. Either way, everyone’s in for a treat.”

Jones added: “We have a saying that guides this franchise – With a world divided, who do you turn to? If this is the end, who will you be? Niobe is the hero who will bind nations. It is a lot to ask of anyone, but we need her now more than ever.”


A young Niobe is in the care of the great shaman Dura. They are fleeing the first undead, Vastar, Dura’s own brother returned from hell as the Devil’s horseman. He has just decimated the tribe that raised Niobe, and now Dura must teach Niobe who she can be all the while knowing WHAT she could become if she falls into Vastar’s hands. If Vastar does get to Niobe, Dura will have to make the ultimate choice. 

Niobe is half-human, half-elven and direct heir to the thrones of both realms who are at war. But Niobe is also half-angel and half-demon. For within her lies the spirit of the Goddess and the Devil, and both will move heaven and hell to make her their champion. This is part of an ongoing saga where Niobe is destined to become the savior of the entire fantasy world of Asunda.

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