These days there is a plethora of mobile dating apps for those who are single and looking to discover romance. While many have found quality matches on these platforms, black single professionals have not been as lucky. Various studies have shown that matching success rates for single black professionals on these platforms are very low despite high engagement rates.
MELD has created a mobile app specifically catering to this niche category of single black professionals. MELD’s goal is to connect and to bring together sophisticated single black professionals on one platform to discover each other romantically. How does it work? MELD is different from other apps because it requires users to sign up via both LinkedIn and Facebook. MELD never shares or posts anything on its users’ profiles.

The combination of both LinkedIn and Facebook enhances the quality of profiles and adds an increased layer of trust. MELD is targeting people that are interested in the finer things in life, beyond just hook-ups.

With MELD on their devices, single black professionals no longer need to sit on the sidelines while waiting to find love online. MELD is currently available on both iOS and Android. The App can be downloaded here. For more information visit

P.O.Box 70035, Oakland, CA 94612

Press release republished with permission