Aza Entertainment is gearing up for its release of multicultural superheroines September 30th. “So many people were asking to see the girls! It’s truly an exciting time,” Says 27-year-old CEO and serial entrepreneur Jazmin Truesdale.


The women are called ‘The Keepers” and consists of Kala, Adanna, Fenna, Ixchel, and Amaya.  All of the girls are from different countries and represent the 5 major ethnic groups of the world.  “The lack of gender and cultural diversity in the superhero genre is not a secret so I wanted to create something that women of all ethnicities could identify with.” Says Miss Truesdale.  The characters will be adapted for books, comics, games, TV, and film with adaptations for children, youth, and adults starting this year.

amaya-wallpaper Fenna-wallpaper Ixchel wallpaper Kala-Wallpaper ADANNA-wallpaper


Each girl not only tackles super-villains but also major issues happening with women in various cultures as well as current events such as the Charleston massacre without being preachy.  “I want my heroes to inspire young girls to get interested in science and technology, leadership roles, and truly become their best selves.”  says Truesdale.

The first digital book will be released September 30th on iBooks, Google Play, and Kindle with a new product set to release mid-December. “My team and I have been working really hard on the new product which will be a fresh take on how comics are presented to consumers…I think people will truly love what we will be bringing to the entertainment industry.”