Trailer for ‘Bad Samaritan’ starring David Tennant


Typically when referring to someone as a “Samaritan” it is generally because they are considered to be helpful and perform charitable acts, but in director Dean Devlin’s (Independence Day) newest film Bad Samaritan the idea of what a Samaritan is, is challenged.

As a way to get back at rich customers a young valet, Sean (Robert Sheehan) develops a scam with his co-worker to rob the client’s homes. One night he finds more than he bargained for – a woman being held hostage – fearing jail, Sean leaves the woman behind, and what follows after is a life and death game of ‘cat and mouse’ with the kidnapper on Sean’s trail.

Written by Brandon Boyce and distributed by Electric Entertainment Bad Samaritan stars David Tenant, Kerry Condon and Carlito Olivero.

Bad Samaritan enters theaters March 30, 2018.


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