During the CW Upfronts today, it was reported that Batwoman will make her first ever live-action appearance in the DC Arrowverse. Deadline reported that Arrow star Stephen Amell and the CW president Mark Pedowitz announced on stage at the presentation. “This is the first time ever that Batwoman make a live-action appearance on any screen,” Pedowitz said, adding that, along with Batwoman, the City of Gotham also will be added to the ever-expanding Arrowverse.

Batwoman — also known as Kathy Kane — got her start in DC comics during the Detective Comics run issue #233 in July 1956. This character is not to be confused with Barbara Wilson aka Batgirl, who was played by actress Alicia Silverstone in the 1997 film Batman and Robin. Now although Batwoman was announced as having a presence on the series, no mention of Batman has yet to be confirmed.  Currently, we are getting Batman in the form of a young Bruce Wayne on the Fox TV series Gotham. Clearly, another network doesn’t plan to bring that Bruce Wayne into the Arrowverse, so will we have an opportunity to see the Dark Knight?

Who cares?  If we’re getting Batwoman, which one can hope will be the New 52 Jewish lesbian version of Kathy, then that’s exactly the kind of superhero inclusion that we need.  The Arrowverse hasn’t fell short of its LGBTQ representation with characters like Sara Lance, Curtis Holt, Nyssa al Ghul, Alex Danvers, John Constantine, Ava Sharpe, Leo Snart and Ray Terrill. How do you feel about Batwoman making an appearance on Arrow?

The next CW crossover is scheduled to launch in December.

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