This May, Disney unveiled the first teaser trailer for the forthcoming live-action adaptation of its 1991 animated motion picture, Beauty and the Beast.

While fans will have to wait until March 17, 2017, for the film’s release, the 90-second long teaser gave much to be excited for due to the numerous references to the source material.

In addition to the 1991 “Prologue” track used throughout the clip, glimpses of the iconic chandelier and ballroom were shown, and there was even some similar dialogue between characters Lumiere (voiced by Ewan McGregor) and Cogsworth (played by Ian McKellen).

By the end of the teaser, fans got their first look at star Emma Watson as Belle as she’s about to touch the ever-important enchanted rose.

Emma Watson as Belle in 'Beauty & the Beast' Trailer

In the photos which leaked earlier this week from the special edition Beauty and the Beast Blu-Ray (in honor of its 25th anniversary), we also get a look at Lumiere, Cogsworth, the Prince, LeFou and Gaston (sorta).

Lumiere and Cogsworth

Dan Stevens as the Beast


LeFou and Gaston

Though the images definitely bring a sense of familiarity to the viewers, we know the adaptation will take several liberties in its retelling much like its predecessors (Cinderella, Maleficent) — and if so, there’s some hope the new movie will fill in the holes the 1991 version left open.

There are quite a few things to be addressed in Beauty and the Beast like the fact that an enchantress would think it wise to curse an 11-year-old boy, or even how the castle’s servants have been seemingly surviving for some 10 years without eating or drinking as they’d been accustomed to as humans.

Though it’s highly unlikely these queries will be resolved through the movie, there are 5 burning questions fans need to be resolved:

1. Where were the Beast’s parents? One of the more troubling queries this fan has had about the film was the lack of attention on the Beast’s parents. In the original animated version, he was left alone in the care of the elder servants of the castle.

'Beauty & the Beast' Promo, Family Portrait

From the looks of the teaser, the young prince’s parents are in a family portrait, which means this question will possibly get an answer.

2. What ever happened to Belle’s mom? In the original flick Belle and her father, Maurice, are living the provincial life in a town that has ostracized them; Maurice is a “loon” for being an inventor, while Belle is an outcast for loving books. What’s never addressed are the whereabouts of the protagonist’s mother. Did she die? Did she leave the family due to Maurice’s tireless inventing?

3. Who is Chip’s father? Fans were introduced to Mrs. Potts (the teapot) and her adorable son (and teacup) Chip in the animated film, but there was never any word of a Mr. Potts. While it’s safe to assume Mr. Potts passed away sometime over the course of the spell, a line in the original movie also questions where Mrs. Potts is Chip’s biological mother all entirely.

In the scene above, Mrs. Potts tells Chip to head to the cabinet with his “brothers and sisters.” Does that mean Chip isn’t an only child — or did Mrs. Potts adopt the other children of the castle as her own following the enchantment?

4. What kingdom was Beast the ruler of? Before being transformed into a monster, Beast was a prince. In fact, he remained a prince throughout his disfigurement… just a reclusive one. However, that doesn’t explain what lands he and his family ruled — and why none of his subjects thought it pert to find out what was wrong with their ruler. Did they all leave once curse fell over the castle? Or is Belle’s “provincial” town a part of his jurisdiction?

5. What was Beast’s real name? It wasn’t until some time long after the film was released, it was “said” Beast’s true name was “Adam,” however, these claims have been unfounded and have yet to be confirmed. Hopefully, Disney will remember to finally give the character a name.

With any luck, the filmmakers behind this project had their questions in mind and fans will finally get the answers they’ve been looking for. Until then, you can head over to my blog, Alja The Writer, for more head-scratching questions I had on the film.