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How to Become a Best-Selling Author

How to Become a Best-Selling Author

Becoming a best-selling author is every author’s dream. The pressure of writing a book to make sure it hits the top selling mark can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when you don’t understand the reality of becoming a true best-selling author. Many assume that becoming a best-selling author means selling 1 million books on Amazon or hitting New York Times’s Best Seller List when in all actuality best-seller simply means serving your audience and getting a book in their hands that make an impact in their lives. There are authors that may not have made Amazon’s Top 10 list, but sell thousands of copies at each event they attend, ranking more books sold in person than Amazon’s Top 10 list online.

There are strategic things each author or aspiring author should know when writing a book to get them in the ranking of a best seller:

Know your market when strategizing a book title! If you are aiming to be a best-seller in online markets, it is extremally important to research the titles of other books that have made the best seller ranking in your desired genre to see what keywords are used.  Once you find a most used and appropriate keyword, incorporate that into your title and it will make it easier to find your book online.

Your cover needs to speak volumes! The saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is rarely used when shopping for a good read. How many times have you went to a book store and stopped by a book and picked it up just because the cover made the book look interesting? Your cover is alongside the title for important factors when publishing a book. If you want to get your book into the hands of an abundance of buyers, the cover of the book needs to be a clear indication of what the book is about. Doing this will increase buyers.

Longer doesn’t always mean better! Long reads are less likely to be read. Try to limit your book to less than 200 pages so the reader will be comfortable enough to get through the whole story.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews! Reach out to well-known authors and send them your copywritten manuscript to seek an early review. If you don’t know any well-known authors, seek out companies that offer paid reviews. When you get reviews, consider using a sentence of the review to put on the cover of your book. You can use these reviews for marketing and promote your book which will boost sales.

Write a book you want to read! Remember you’re writing to make an impact in a reader’s life. Make certain the book is not full of empty sentences. Put yourself in the reader shoes and ask yourself would you buy another book from the author. Doing this will give you confidence that your story or expertise is good enough to make a difference, which will give you the ego needed to do whatever it takes to maximize book sales.


By Kendra Sikes

Kendra is a best selling author of the book Rebirth from Cursed.  To find out more about Kendra, please visit

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