If you’re good with numbers and have considered a career in accounting, you may be interested in learning more about how to become a payroll administrator and what the job entails. Payroll administration involves a great deal of attention to detail and accuracy. It’s a great position for those who like numbers and are good with data. Here’s a bit more about becoming a a payroll administrator.

About the Job

Another name for payroll administrators is payroll managers. These professionals are involved with the human resources departments of corporations, business,agencies and other institutions. The payroll administrator oversees everything involved with an organization’s payroll process. It’s a job with a great deal of responsibility. This accounting and human resources professional is responsible for issuing paychecks, keeping track of employees’ paid and unpaid time off, verification of time worked, recording employment and wage changes,as well as meticulous compilation of all employee data related to payroll.

Extensive computer use is required for this position, as most of the work is done through software programs, spreadsheets and accounting databases. Sometimes payroll administrators must travel for recruiting purposes and for professional development events. In addition, you can expect to work beyond 40 hours a week at times.


The minimum academic requirement for payroll managers is usually a Bachelor’s degree, though some employers may prefer a Master’s degree. Fields of study for payroll administrators are accounting, human resources or business administration. Often times, several years of professional work experience in a related job is also required, as this position is not entry level. Possessing certain qualities such as organization, communication and analytic skills are a plus, as is having strong attention to detail. Computer literacy is important for this kind of a job, as so many of the duties are performed with the use of computer programs. Excellent data entry skills and a working knowledge of federal laws regarding wage and employment are also necessary.

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If you are someone who is a critical thinker with a love of numbers and details, payroll administrator may be the career path for you.


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