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Believe in….Bilquis ‘American Gods’ Season 2

Believe in….Bilquis ‘American Gods’ Season 2

American Gods Season 2 returns in less than a month and like you, we can’t wait to see what our favorite Old Gods are up to. Here’s Bilquis.

Last season, we left her falling into the clutches of the New Gods. I certainly hope that she doesn’t succumb to the same fate as her character did in the literary version. We can have reason to believe that her role will be much richer. Season one already established her as a vital character with strength and a backstory that is more developed than she had in the book. I especially loved seeing her vibrant and joyful in several decades, including the Disco 70’s!

We must also remember the look of longing and loneliness in her eyes as she walked through the exhibit of items dedicated to her from the ancient civilizations. She is not getting the love that she once did and our girl Bilquis is feeling it. I am interested to see what the New Gods and the bratty Tech Boy will do to her.

Bilquis comes to us with this image, urigng us all to “Believe in Love”. I hope that means good things are coming for our girl in the second season.

What do you think it means?

American Gods Season 2 premieres March 10. We’ll be watching. Will you?

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