Eyewitness 1×03 “Bella, Bella, Bella”

More like Bella, Bella, Bella where you at?

Bella is missing again. She’s quite the slippery one, but Helen is on the case. She’s focused on finding her and proving that Tommy and his girlfriend, Tracy didn’t die from a heroin overdose. Sketchy Agent Kane is all over the case, but for different reasons. I’m pretty sure their investigations are going to collide in an interesting or disastrous way.

Turns out, Helen is a good detective and along with her deputy, Tony, they are making some strides in the case that will likely blow things wide open. She’s smart to use her leverage on Sita over Kamilah. It keeps her close and makes her an asset. Kamilah and Agent Sketchy are definitely underestimating her.

Helen and Tony have a conversation that I think is providing some foreshadowing. They talk about Agent Kane and how he’s impossible to research. Helen says it’s because he has top level clearance and may be with the CIA or FBI. *mental note*

It’s interesting to see how Philip and Luke’s relationship is developing. Luke gives us the typical storyline of being a popular guy who has to maintain a façade in order to remain popular. The school schedules an overnight trip for the students to meet with counselors and discuss Tommy and Tracy’s deaths. Luke and Philip decide to take a trip into the city instead of participating in the overnight counseling trip.

Mithat shows weakness when Helen interviews him about finding Bella. In that moment, he’s a father of a fifteen-year-old girl who’s pulling away from him. Helen asks how he can tell she’s keeping secrets. She’s obviously asking so she can have a better understanding of Philip. He gives her a lead that puts her on Bella’s trail and in Agent Sketchy’s crosshairs.

Philip takes Luke to a gay club in the city. Of course, Luke freaks out and leaves. Philip follows him after having a drink at the bar. Luke kisses him outside of the club. This is definitely going to be one of his pivotal life moments.

Helen and Kamilah share some wine, fries, and information. The best kind of meeting. They come to a tepid understanding. It goes to show that wine is indeed the elixir of compromise or at least, that’s my opinion. After Helen leaves Kamilah with the pacifier that she’s been using as leverage, Kamilah sees that her sister is still involved with the biker gang that her husband was affiliated with.

Agent Sketchy uses Helen’s intel to find Bella. They are obviously a couple in love…or something. It’s quite twisted since Bella is a fifteen-year-old girl and Agent Sketchy is a grown man. But their exchange in his apartment shows that things haven’t gotten fully physical just yet. It’s a full blown Lolita moment, especially when she asks him to tell her the story of the first time he saw her. The creepiness intensifies as she asks him to be her first and suggests that they run away together. Bella goes back and forth between a confident teen and a little girl. It would be a loving scene if it weren’t creepy and illegal.

We end the show on yet another crime scene, but this time the victim is none other than Bella. She’s found hanging on a billboard. Agent Sketchy is sitting in his car listening to something, and he puts on the perfume that she got for him. So he’s sad that he had to kill her, I think. The twistedness continues…

1×04 “Crème Brulée”

Episode 4 starts with a very sad scene that’s obviously a flashback of Helen in the closet holding a crying baby. She covers the baby’s mouth to stop the crying as someone comes into the room, and the baby dies. But then we’re back to present day and she gets a text to go do some police work. It’s obvious she experienced some really horrifying things in her former life.

But then the scenes switch and we see Philip and Gabe on the porch having a talk about him skipping the overnight trip. They haven’t told Helen, but her intuition tells her something is up. It looks like her intuition is going to come in handy a lot this season. I hope it doesn’t get her killed because it looks like people coming up dead is a common thing on this show.

She connects with Agent Sketchy and they go to meet with the coroner to confirm that Bella died of a suicide. Helen asks the coroner to do a rape kit to see if Bella had sex before she “killed herself.” But since it looks like a suicide, she’s going to have to convince Mithat that she was murdered before they can get a rape kit. Looks like she has some work to do…

But first, she walks Agent Sketchy through the crime scene in the cabin, and he shuts down her case. But we’ve learned so far that Helen doesn’t follow orders very well. She’s obviously going to continue to investigate.

Sita finds the SIM card that Chris hid to conceal his communications with Kami. Of course, she assumes that they were sleeping together. They obviously have some of their own issues to deal with as sisters.

It was good to see Helen confront Gabe and Philip. They have been tiptoeing around him trying to respect the whole foster relationship. That’s obviously not working very well. He is lying. So even though he didn’t tell them about Luke, telling them he’s gay is a good thing. At least now they can support him through some of the things he’s going through. It’s nice seeing them get closer.

Luke is a manipulator of the first degree. He uses Philip’s feelings for him and Rose’s desire to have sex to dispel rumors that he and Philip are gay. But his plan does manage to work. It gets rid of the gay rumors and creates a scandal that Rose can get behind. I suppose it’s a win/win.

Kami’s partner suggests Sita replace Chris as their informant. Agent Sketchy offers her full immunity to inform on the Viscovis. She pitches it to Sita as she makes her own decisions about how to handle the drugs she finally found.

Helen uses her influence with Kami to put a bug in her ear about Bella being involved with an older man. Her murder investigation is starting to spill over into their drug investigation.

Interestingly enough, Sita keeps the drugs and still shows up for her de-branding with the Viscovis. It involves two irons and some angry looking bikers. Ouch!

I think she may have found her way out. And then…the DEA shows up at her sister’s house where Sita is meeting with her and Agent Sketchy. The drugs have magically appeared! Wow… that’s super shady to the nth degree.

I can’t help but wonder what may happen next now that Helen has discovered that Bella wasn’t the one in the trunk of the car that night at the cabin, and Sita has gotten Kami arrested for having a lot of drugs. The twists on this show keep coming. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. I’m hoping that next week’s episode will answer some of the many questions that have been raised.

What do you think? Will Agent Sketchy have to kill someone else to cover his tracks? And what do you think he’s covering up in the first place?

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