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‘Belle’ Director Takes Lead for ‘The Billion Dollar Spy’

‘Belle’ Director Takes Lead for ‘The Billion Dollar Spy’

Amma Asante

Award-winning director and screenwriter Amma Asante is slated to direct the new cold-war spy movie starring Mads Mikkelsen and Armie Hammer. 

The film synopsis is as follows: “Brad Reid (Hammer) is a fresh arrival at the Moscow station of the CIA when he’s approached by Soviet engineer Adolf Tolkachev (Mikkelsen). Ignoring the advice from his bosses that Tolkachev is an obvious KGB ‘dangle’, Reid develops a bond and unique friendship with the Russian, who seemingly only wants to help his family escape the corruption within the Soviet Union. Reid’s faith in Tolkachev is rewarded when he hands over a treasure trove of military secrets, obtained using classic Cold War spycraft.

It earns Tolkachev the nickname The Billion Dollar Spy and alters the balance of power between East and West. But their success in evading the KGB comes at great personal cost to both men, and their marriages to wives Tina and Natasha, all struggling with the daily paranoia of being caught. Then one day a shocking betrayal puts them all in grave danger…” according to Deadline

Set to start production in 2021, Asante is represented by CAA, United Agents, and Mosaic. 

Asante is best known for her work in Belle, but has also won 13 awards:

  1. Carl Foreman Award for the Most Promising Newcomer (BAFTA)
  2. Athena List Winner (Athena Film Festival) 
  3. BAFTA Cymru Award (BAFTA Awards)
  4. Black Reel
  5. Inspiration Award
  6. UK Film Talent Award
  7. SIGNIS Award
  8. FIPRESCI Prize
  9. Grand Jury Prize
  10. Directors to Watch
  11. SIGNIS Award – Special Mention
  12. The Adrienne Fancey Award
  13. Audience Award

Asante has also had her hand in directing episodic TV with her recent work on the Emmy-nominated series Mrs. America, directing the episodes “Betty” and “Shirley”.

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Source: Deadline

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