Segment 1: DeRay sits down with Caron and discusses his candidacy as mayor of Baltimore and how he has used social media to foster change in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Segment 2: Actor Jake Choi chats with co-hosts Kayla, Kay, and ReBecca about his career and Asian representation in film in TV. He also discusses the negative stereotypes that come with being a person of color.

Segment 3: Kayla interview Jarrett Williams, the creator of Hyper Force Neo and many other creator owned comics about his latest project and also about anime and blerd culture.

Segment 4: Jamie flew out to Los Angeles for the BatmanvSuperman: Dawn of Justice Press Conference and included a soundbite of an interview question asked of Gal Gadot about her role as Wonder Woman.

Segment 1 edited by MR Daniel
Segment 2 edited by John Bauer

Music by Sammus

PODCAST: The ‘Power’ Recap Show S6 Ep 2