Segment 1: Darryl M Bell best known as Ron Johnson from the hit series “A Different World” chats about Hollywood, the landscape of television, and working in the YouTube space.

Co-hosted by Caron, Kayla, and Kay B

Segment 2: Candice Benbow is the creator of The Lemonade Syllabus and blends theology with womanist critical studies into a refreshing course for all Black women to help quench their thirst for knowledge.

Hosted by Caron

Segment 3: Nakia Burrise is the Yellow Power Ranger known from “Power Rangers Zeo”, “Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie”, and “Power Rangers Turbo” the TV series. She discusses her latest project “Class Dismissed”.

Hosted by Alexsis

Edited by John Bauer and MR Daniel

Music by: Sammus, Shubzilla, and SkyBlew