Segment 1: Actress Sujata Day best known as CeCe from the “Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” chats with us about her work on the series and her new role on HBO’s “Insecure”.

Hosted by Jamie, Afiya and Kristin

Segment 2: Filmmaker Steven Caple Jr and actor Rafi Gavron chat about their film “The Land” at the IFC Film Premiere in NYC last week.

Hosted by Kay B

Segment 3: MC Akil of Jurassic 5 shares his music and insights about his work and his artistry. He shares the latest single Customer Service on the show.

Hosted by Kristin

Segment 1 edited by: MR Daniel
Segments 2 and 3 edited by: John Bauer

Opening music by: DJ Otis aka Mr. ThoughtCrime from ThoughtCrime Media
Closing song by: Jurassic 5 (Customer Service)
Additional Music by: Sammus and Shubzilla