Segment 1: A’Lelia Bundles, the great-great granddaughter of Madame CJ Walker discusses her 30 year history as a TV executive, her community outreach work and her role as a museum curator preserving the legacy of Madame CJ Walker.

Hosted by: Jamie, Marqueeda and Joi

Segment 2: Kyla Frye is the star of the new superhero series The Few and tells us what’s it like to be an action hero.

Hosted by: Kay B

Segment 3: Regine L Sawyer leads a panel at NYCC called Women of Color in Comics: Race, Gender & the Comic Book Medium. With panelists: Barbara Brandon-Croft, @BBrandonCroft

Carol Burrell editor/writer/artist SPQR Blues @spqrblues

Che Grayson, filmmaker/comic book writer (Rigamo) @FandomFox

Jules Rivera, writer/artist @julesrivera

Camille Zhang, editor/writer @illathekilla

[moderator] Regine Sawyer, editor/writer/publisher Founder/Coordinator @LockettDown

And Micheline Hess

Recorded by: MR Daniel

Segment 1 edited by: Jamie Broadnax
Segment 2 edited by: John Bauer
Segment 3 edited by: MR Daniel

Music by: Sammus, SkyBlew and Shubzilla