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BGN Book Review: Avie’s Dreams: An Afro-Feminist Coloring Book

BGN Book Review: Avie’s Dreams: An Afro-Feminist Coloring Book

By Kyndal

Avie’s Dreams is an afro-feminist themed adult coloring book by Makeda Lewis. The coloring book is filled with mythological illustrations of black women with symbolic quotes about gender identity, sexual expression, and black womanhood. I’ve never seen anything like this in a coloring book before, which made it extra special.

This book is different from the Johanna Basford-esq coloring books filled with enchanted forests and secret gardens (though those are cool too). Avie’s Dreams tackles adult feminine themes and weaves together a narrative about a girl named who sees the world for what it really is and learns to see herself for who she really is.

As soon as I received my copy, I whipped out my colored pencils and went to work.


I really enjoyed the interactive aspect of Avie’s Dreams with each illustration being paired with a part of Avie’s journey. The book is described as “part activity book, part surrealist poem”, which gave the book a deeper meaning in conjunction with the images.

“Sure, some people would gladly take energy from me and leave only debris in return. But mostly, my biggest threat is what’s in my head.”


“I grow older and slowly shed the things that have been weighing me down. I notice building my inner peace, a part of me that’s sacred and reassuring, requires that I learn how to protect myself…”


I think Avie’s Dreams is a great gift for your sister, best friend, girlfriend, and any other grown Black woman in your life—including yourself. Grab your coloring tools and enjoy.

“The intersection of my femininity and blackness is fascinating. I carry so many colors in my skin, so much weight in my hips, infinite voices in my throat. How could I not love myself?”

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