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BGN Comic Review: Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen

BGN Comic Review: Doctor Who: Supremacy of the Cybermen

By Ayanna Jones-Lightsy


Writers: George Mann & Cavan Scott

Artist: Ivan Rodriguez

We open this final installment of Supremacy of the Cybermen with the Cybermen doing what they do best: harvesting converting, and upgrading biological life energy to fuel their DOMINATION OF THE UNIVERSE. Why yes, I did put it in all-caps. It’s quite ambitious and deserves to stand out. And of course, that rascally Doctor is doing his best to put a stop to it but, per usual, he appears to be at a disadvantage. But that is why we love him, because he never fights with just the tools that we can see, he also uses the fundamental appeal to better nature and he gives the bad guys a chance to choose to see the error of their ways.

This story arc does what I wish the television show would commit to doing. It brings the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Doctors into one brilliant story. The lead up to the birth of the 12th Doctor is satisfying because it brought together #10 and #11 but it doesn’t quite satisfy as well as an arc that would bring them all together. May the Doctor Who gods listen and grant me this wish! In this comic we get to see how all of the Doctors lives are affected by a change in the universal time flow. Without giving away too much, the Cyberman have managed to rewrite history, and as you can imagine, that’s a scary prospect.

The dialogue is classic Doctor with lots of bluff and the never-old “take that”. There is something very satisfying when the reader gets to watch our beloved Doctor, who seems to have his back against the wall and no more options, turn things around brilliantly and save the universe yet again. Add to that, the Doctor has an absolutely fantastic way of making his enemies his friend. In this installment he enlists the help of the villain by saying, “I became a warrior to fight in your war. I need you to become a doctor to fight in mine. Help me heal the universe.” It’s smashingly good!!

The artwork isn’t anything particularly innovative and that’s something I wish there was more of in Doctor Who. Sometimes, it reminds me of the seventies and eighties, but not in a classic retro kind of way. It’s not distracting but the lines could be crisper and the flow of the panels a little more uniform but that could just be my pet peeve.

Overall, if you don’t read any of the other 4 parts in this 5 part series, the last one would certainly peak your interest to see what went on. And of course, there is Jackie. Who wouldn’t want more of Jackie Tyler, Rose’s mom?

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