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BGN Comic Review: Mister Miracle Issue 1

BGN Comic Review: Mister Miracle Issue 1

By Kai Charles

Mister Miracle and Barda are two characters dear to my heart. I wasn’t really sure if I would give this book a try because I really haven’t enjoyed many of the Rebirth books. However “Mister Miracle” isn’t branded as a Rebirth title, so many of the elements that fans attribute to the character shine strongly in this story.


To begin to describe this issue, a very difficult event must be discussed. It’s a splash page, possibly triggering, and I’m about to spoil it. Ready? Our first splash page of Scott shows him on the floor, mask thrown to the side and blood flowing from his self-inflicted razor cuts.


There is a reason that this scene isn’t a source of internet outrage, and it’s all due to Mitch Gerads’ penciling and colors. The energy of the scene doesn’t try to induce shock but instead reflects the pain Scott is in.

From this scene, we see the after effects of Scott’s action: a hospital visit, Barda’s overwhelming pain, visits from Orion and HighFather, and the escalation of Darkseid’s plans that may lead to battle.


One issue down, and it’s obvious to me that Scott and Barda are in the best hands. I loved King’s story, especially the little details that put Scott’s perceptions of the world in doubt. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this story plays out.

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