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BGN Comic Review: Motor Crush #2

BGN Comic Review: Motor Crush #2



Story: Babs Tarr, Brenden Fletcher, Cameron Stewart

Art: Babs Tarr, Cameron Stewart

Cover: Babs Tarr


It wasn’t looking good for our heroine at the end of Issue #1. We saw what happened after a person drank Crush and it wasn’t pretty. Domino downed an entire vial and somehow made it back home alive, apparently suffering no side effects. Though she does have some dream/vision of mesh and belly shirt wearing goons trying to shake down a girl with enough cotton candy pink hair to make Rose Quartz jealous.

The mystery deepens. Is this ability tied to taking Crush or does it have to do with whatever allowed Domino to survive making it?  And where does she come from exactly? Why does her body crave Crush? Her father, who turns out to not be her biological father, seems to know something but won’t tell her. And who the hell is Lola?

The only answer we’re getting in this issue is to that last question. Lola Del Carmen, the former mechanic at Big Sully’s Bike Shop, engineering genius, and Domino’s ex-girlfriend. Yes, I said ex-girlfriend. It’s not every day that you get to see a queer woman of color heroine, especially one that isn’t perfect. This was a welcomed surprise. They don’t elaborate on why they broke up, but it probably has something to do with Domino running around like the physical manifestation of out of the fire into the frying pan that is also filled with acid. I love her, but the girl’s decision-making skills are questionable. That is made even more evident when Domino walks willingly into the office of the very people she attempted to steal Crush from a.k.a the people who killed Lan for taking from them to get them off Lola’s back. She essentially makes a deal with the devil. What could go wrong?

Tarr and Stewart’s art brings life to the world of Motor Crush.  Everything is colorful and vibrant. You can almost feel the chase scenes leap from the page. Cyberpunk with a tropical vibe. The twists and turns on the page echo in the story. My pile of questions has grown since issue 1, and I have a feeling that’s it’s going to continue to surpass the answers pile far. Thankfully, the story is good enough that I don’t mind.


BGN Content Curator Mel Perez is a librarian by trade and a life long nerd and crafter. She enjoys strange ocean creatures, 80s fantasy, comic books, and nice fabric

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