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BGN Comic Review: SLAM! #2

BGN Comic Review: SLAM! #2

Following the lives of two newly recruited roller derby athletes, SLAM! is the perfect blend of fun, action and drama.

Issue number two picks up after new best friends, Maisie Huff and Jennifer Chu have been drafted by rival derby teams. We follow the pair as they try to fit derby into their already crazy schedules.

We are able to see the drastic contrast between the two teams and how it begins to affects the newbies. Maisie’s team is much more laid-back; opting to focus on bonding, fun and friendship, rather than making every single thing a competition.

However, Jennifer doesn’t have that luxury. Her team are he defending champions and it’s all work and no play as far as they’re concerned- not to mention the teams star, is not at all fond of her new teammate, making it even harder for Jennifer to fit in.

Writer, Pamela Ribon, depicts these opposing forces with ease and it’s as though the two women have traded places.

In book #1, Jennifer was the fun-loving derby recruit, noticed by fellows skaters due to her out-going personality and athleticism. Whereas Maisie was just looking for a way to cope after a recent breakup, using derby as an escape. Now, the once beloved Jennifer is dealing with what Maisie was feeling post-breakup and when she first joined the Roller Girls.

Due to this, the duo has been spending less time together but save for a few bumps in the road, such as last-minute plan cancellations, their friendship hasn’t suffered any major blows (yet) from competing against one another on the track.

While I didn’t think this issue was as good as the first, with its witty script and relatable characters, SLAM! #2 was a solid read.

I’m looking forward to what Ribon and the team show us in upcoming issues.

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