BGN Comic Review: Wonder Woman #32: Children of the Gods


**Spoilers for Wonder Woman: Children of the Gods below**

Wonder Woman #32, reveals more clues into the death of Hercules and how it connects to previous events with the Justice League. At A.R.G.U.S. Dr. Peril, has been tasked with examining the withered body of Hercules, to determine his cause of death.

Dr. Peril informs Diana and Steve that since the Justice League last fought Darkseid, A.R.G.U.S has been keeping track of certain energy signatures belonging to Apokolips, and surrounding Hercules’s body a vast quantity was detected.

Diana surmises that somehow Darkseid and Grail have to be involved. Though they’re not sure why the father and daughter would go after Hercules, Dr. Peril suggests a previous discovery at another site may hold some answers. At this point, the story jumps forward four hours and moves from command central to deep in the underground tunnels of the Catacombs of Paris. As Steve and his Oddfellows arrive, they realize that Diana has gone ahead and is already embroiled in a fierce battle with winged creatures, which turn out to be Darkseid’s parademons.

I can’t wait for the next edition to find out what the crew discovers in the Catacombs, and how it relates to Hercules. I really enjoyed this new addition to the “Children of the Gods” saga, and I’m intrigued by Dr. Peril and finding out what or who was found at the other site.

My Comic Musings:

  1. What kind of last name is Peril for a doctor? I hope he’s a forensic pathologist and not an M.D., that would be just a tad creepy.
  2. Steve seemed a bit snarky talking to the doc, I wonder why?
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Wonder Woman #32: “Children of the Gods”, is written by James Robinson, with art by Jason Paz and Carlo Pagulayan, and cover by Bryan Hitch. Wonder Woman #32 is now available for purchase. For up-to-date information, follow @DCComics on Twitter.


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