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BGN Con Report: Wizard World-Philly

BGN Con Report: Wizard World-Philly

The last time I partook in the extravaganza that is Philadelphia Wizard World, Marvel was selling Captain America: Civil War. Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, and Sebastian Stan were all there, and the lines for everything from photo ops to the concession stand were completely and utterly ridiculous.

Fast forward a few years, to the beginning of this month and the lines were wonderfully manageable. The Philadelphia Convention Center had multiple events that weekend, so they set up a bit of a Pac-Man maze to make sure Wizard World denizens were using the one entrance where the ticket booths and security check point were located. The staff was pretty friendly and helpful so it wasn’t too much of a hardship.

The feeling of entering a big convention is always a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re alone but it also makes it easier to focus. I took it as a good omen for the weekend when I looked two places ahead of me in line and saw cosplay from Saga, my favorite graphic novel series.

Alana and Marko and Baby Hazel

My first stop was the show floor. I was looking for something to get into when I noticed the beautiful Pearl Mackie heading toward me. She was low-key but purposeful in her gait, probably going to or leaving from her signing table. I extended my hand to her and told her I was from BGN and that I loved her. She responded that she loved BGN, and she was creating a playlist for us. I gave a little cheer and let her continue on her way. What an awesome and unexpected treat!

Not long after that, I came across an illustrator that I know named Shawn Alleyne. I’ve always been a huge admirer of his art, and have a piece he drew of Nubia hanging on my bedroom wall. Next to him was Michael White, a Philadelphia-based illustrator, comic book writer and creator who focuses on things that happen in everyday Black life, things that we may discuss behind closed doors but he feels need to be brought into the light. I got a few pieces for myself and gifts for family.


The Day Black and Irish Twitter United

The con was teaming with excellent cosplay.


Before I left the con on Saturday evening I spoke with congoer, Trinae Ross who was also having a great time. He felt that this year was more interactive than in years past. He mentioned how good the video game events and programming were in particular. While he enjoyed being in the audience cheering people on during the gaming tournaments, he was thinking he might participate next year. Other elements of the con that impressed him were the cosplay and artist exhibitions.

Trinae and his companion were taking a rest after a long, satisfying day at Wizard World Philly.


Stay tuned for my recap of the Writing Compelling Science Fiction and the Doctor Who panels coming soon!



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