With the Emmy’s behind us, it means Fall TV is fast approaching. The BGN staff is full of TV junkies, so we wanted to share which shows we were most excited for this coming fall. Most of the writers ahead also recap their shows, so you know their dedication is real. Obviously, many of our choices are either sci-fi/fantastical or feature strong PoC casts (or the rare both — here’s to you Star Trek: Discovery), but we can’t possibly watch everything. What shows are you looking forward to the most this season?

*The numbers aren’t a ranking, just a counting system.

1Star Trek: Discovery – Premieres Sun Sept. 24 on CBS All Access

Credit: Jan Thijs. © 2017 CBS Interactive

Do you have to ask why I am excited for Star Trek: Discovery??? It’s the first Star Trek show since “The Star Trek show that shall not be named” went off the air in 2005! (Okay I’ll name it: ST: Enterprise. Ugh.) Anyway, I’m just excited to be back in that universe and timeline!
Look at the cast!  WOMEN in charge!  Women of COLOR in charge! And one is Michelle Yeoh and the other is Sonequa Martin-Green! I mean HELLO?? I’m counting the days, minutes and hours because I’ve waited my whole life for THIS Star Trek series. So seriously, CBS, do not f**k this up, okay? Thanks. – DaVette