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BGN Film: ‘Pokemon’s Detective Pikachu’ Trailer Debut

BGN Film: ‘Pokemon’s Detective Pikachu’ Trailer Debut

We finally get to see the film that so many of us had such a hard time imagining. Pokemon’s Detective Pikachu is a noir live-action Pokemon film that features a talking Pikachu — with Ryan Reynolds’ voice! Let that sink in for a moment.

Warner Bros. Studios and the Pokemon Company worked closely together to bring the famous game 2016 game of the same name as the film to the big screen. The film stars Justice Smith as a man looking for his missing father. He aided by the tiny, cute, furry Pikachu, who is snarky and headstrong, just as we thought he would be. Only Smith’s character Tim can hear the furry creature talk.

Already we have the setup for a hilarious adventure film.

Take a gander at the trailer to see some of your favorite Pokemon roaming around in the real world of Rhyme City. I especially loved the herd of Bulbosaurs moving along a road together. Tim gets a human sidekick in Lucy, played by Wayward Sister Suki Waterhouse.

This is our first look, so what do you think?

Does Reynolds’ voice work for Pikachu?

Did you see your fave Pokemon in the trailer? What was it?

Which ones do you hope to see in the film?

What do you think about a Justice Smith’s Tim Goodman replacing the Ash character most of us grew up with?

Let us know your thoughts on the film in the comments.

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