This month’s game is Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, made by Kiro’o Games. Aurion is the first African Folklore-based RPG. This indie game is about Enzo Kori-Odan finding his way as the new King of Zama. He is accompanied by his beautiful new bride, Erine, who keeps him from falling apart in the story and fights by his side. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the royal couple needs to fight their way back to Zama. Enzo must tap into and master his Aurion, which is an ancient energy, in order to gain control over Zama once again.


The Sights

The graphics are gorgeous. The game is very colourful including the people; literally they are every shade of brown you can think of, a huge plus for this title. It’s the first African based game so the diversity in the character design, featuring the full spectrum of light to dark is appreciated. The hairstyles are also different. Some characters even have blonde hair. It is a new experience to see this many skin tone variations in a video game. It does give you a different aspect of the real world and gaming realm.

According to developer Madiba Olivier, “It’s up to us to make our own coloured superheroes.” And, that’s exactly what he did. He included representation of his world in this game for everyone to experience.

The character movements are smooth. For example, when it comes to the fighting scenes, it feels more like Street Fighter because you have blasts of light, multiple combo chains, and juggling. When the protagonist gets into his Aurionic state i.e. charges up, the whole screen pauses, goes black and we can see his power ignite.

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The Sounds

The music and sound design in Aurion are very satisfying. It very much has an 8-bit adventurer soundtrack feel to it. The music is kind of tribal with the potential to become a hit track if it were sped up. This soundtrack is definitely one to download and just enjoy. It’s enlightening or intense depending on which part of the story you’re playing.


The Gameplay

Aurion’s gameplay is very fast paced. Enzo is always running, and I like that because nothing makes me more upset than walking or slow moving characters. I’m not playing the game to enjoy to scenery, when will I reach my next objective?!? He also gets a great deal of advice from people around him. I think this portrays that it really does take a village to survive. He knows that even though he’s the king, he doesn’t know it all. There are some great life lessons and ‘AHA!’ moments in this game. It is truly a strategy game Madiba said, “This isn’t a wall jumping game but a strategy game. You have to think about what you’re doing and the next move.”

That’s deep because usually when I game, I’m no speed runner but in Sonic I was taught to go as fast as possible. So, while playing Aurion that’s what I tried to do. It’s awesome I had the privilege to play a few pieces of the game in the presence of the developer and hear his intentions for certain aspects of this game. This game is on PC, but can and should be played with an Xbox 360 controller. My initial gameplay was with a controller, but when I downloaded it on PC I didn’t have a controller. This made button memorization kind of difficult.

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The Value

Aurion’s replay value is very high. It’s one of those games you can learn something different every time you play. The combat is very engaging, therefore every time you play you’re not going feel like you’ve seen it before. The combos are hard to master, so continuously playing this game will give you a chance to master a different skill every time.

It’s truly an amazing story because he’s trying to find himself and it teaches us about ourselves. The fact that he’s not doing it for romantic love, but for the love of his people with the love of his life fighting beside him, makes a huge difference and takes out the cheesiness of love stories in most games.


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Indie Mega Booth PAX East 2016 Twitch Stream

I LOVED this game and am so happy I had the honour to not only play it, but also interview the developer at PAX East 2016. Aurion released April 14, 2016, so I talked to him when it was fairly new and received some pointers on how to play. The interview is down below!


I also cosplayed Erine:


By Junae Benne: The Natural Hair Gamer

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